As the popular saying goes, “looking good is good business” and the way you are dressed often determines the way you will be addressed. One of the easiest ways to make a remarkable first impression is to simply look good. And this is not hinged on how expensive your clothes are; it is rather a function of creativity. Creativity is what makes a simply dressed man to gain attention while someone else putting on expensive apparels might go unnoticed. In fact, some intelligent people never get the opportunity to show the stuff they’re made of due to poor dress sense. It is therefore important to dress in a way that reflects your true personality with a touch of creativity. Here are simple ways to do that:

Find Your Style

Everyone has a uniquely suited style by virtue of his physique. While some men look good in traditional (or native) attires, others put up a stunning appearance in formal wears. It is always good to play to the strength of your style as much as practicable. You can even choose to make your own patterns or designs which you hand over to your tailor.

Combine Colours Correctly

Your ability to combine colours correctly will largely affect your appearance. It is important that you achieve the right contrast. For instance, it is not advisable for dark complexioned men to wear dull coloured clothes as such colour combination could make them “lost in the crowd”. There is no hard and fast rule about this. You need to bring your creativity to bear as you explore several possibilities and find what works for you.

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Learn the Basics

There are basic dressing rules that you should adhere to. Expressing creativity in dressing is not a licence to flout these basic principles. For instance, you don’t wear a brace on a belt; that’s a faux pas. You either use a brace or a belt. This is because they are both fulfilling the same purpose which is to grip the trousers to the waist. Similarly, it is inappropriate to wear striped tie on striped shirt. You either wear a striped tie or a plain shirt or a plain tie on a striped shirt. A plain tie and a plain shirt also go together.

Dressing well demands conscious attention. It doesn’t demand that you spend a lot but it requires you to be creative.


Photo credit: Sonja Pacho/Corbis