Whether or not you believe in what’s written in the Christian Bible, it is hard to deny the fact that there are quite a number of impactful stories within. From the glorious story of creation to the fall of man and even the tales of the birth of Christ, there are several lessons you can learn from different characters.

However, outside Jesus Christ Himself, one of the most iconic characters in the Bible is David. As a young man, and even as a king, David led his life in such a way that even in his mistakes, there are many things you can learn from him.

Indeed, the 21st Century does not pose the exact challenges David had to go through. Regardless, we’ll be looking at a few ways through which you can apply David’s actions (and inactions) to your life.

1. Face your challenges bravely

In the Bible, it is written that a giant named Goliath came to terrorize the people of Israel. He was taller than everyone in Saul’s army and the sheer size of him scared away all challengers. He wanted someone to go toe to toe against but there was no one to go up against him. David, despite not being a full-fledged soldier came out and chose to defend his land.

He went up against Goliath with the same weapons he used to guard his sheep in the field. In the end, he came out victorious. In the same vein, you should be able to face your challenges. No matter how impossible they might seem, they are not insurmountable.

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2. Own up to your mistakes

This is one of the most significant lessons you can learn from the story of David. In one of Israel’s many battles, the soldiers had to go out against their enemies. Ordinarily, the king is meant to go with them. However, this time, David stayed in the palace. While staying away from danger in his palace, he noticed the wife of Uriah bathing in the next compound. He was aroused and exercised his powers as king to have sexual relations with her. Afterward, he plotted to have Uriah killed.

Prophet Nathan confronted him about it and in the end, David apologized properly, accepted his criticisms and his punishment as well. This act of humility further solidified his relationship with God.

As a man, never be too proud to admit your mistakes. It shows responsibility and maturity. Indeed, it might get you punished. However, it is a much better fate than what you could go through if you choose to do otherwise.

3. Love unconditionally

In the process of David’s rise to power, he faced a major issue. King Saul, his father-in-law, was bitterly jealous of him and made his life particularly miserable. When that was over, he birthed a child named Absalom who literally sent him running out of his kingdom.

Despite these, however, David loved them. This is seen when he instructed his men to treat Absalom gently. In addition, he mourned the death of King Saul when he eventually passed away.

It might be incredibly difficult to follow these footsteps but it is a great example to follow. Do not be foolish but love unconditionally. This, in itself, is one of the most impactful lessons you can learn from David.

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David is a character that some might describe as larger than life. But, the truth is that he isn’t. He made mistakes multiple times and he was far from perfect. However, he remains one of the greatest men who lived according to the Bible. By following his paths and learning from his mistakes, you too can become something of a great man yourself.