Any man who wants to appear smart and sharp would ask this important question:

What do I wear for this occasion?

Most times it comes when men are faced with dressing for an occasion.

Some men struggle to answer this question. They get confused when they have to choose between one shirt and another.

What to put on shouldn’t be a challenge. When you are faced with such confusion, these questions will help give clarity on what you should wear.

What dress pattern is required?

You should ask yourself if the occasion you’re about to attend requires a dress pattern.

Does this occasion require a casual outfit, a semi-casual or a corporate wear?

This is the first question you should ask yourself.

I get surprised when men go to movie theatres dressed in suit. It is out of place because they should appear in a casual outfit.

Even if it happens that they’re coming from work; they should loosen up from a corporate to a casual appearance. One way of doing this is removing their ties and folding the sleeves of their shirts.

How do I combine it?

This is another very important question.

A good combination of what to put on gives you a good appearance.

You may know the required dress pattern for the occasion and don’t have an understanding of how to combine it.

To get the right combination, you should check the colour combination; the hem alignment of your trouser and shoes, etc. There are so many things you should look out for when checking for combination.

Did I follow the rules?

There are rules that govern men’s dressing. And it is important that you follow these rules.

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You might think you are well dressed, not knowing that you have broken so many rules that govern men’s dressing.

A simple rule is this: you can’t wear a belt and a strap at the same time. This is a faux pas.

There are so many other rules you need to obey.