People talk about romance; but not everyone is romantic. Romantic men have certain qualities that make them win the hearts of women.

A woman fantasizes about the man she would like to date or marry. She  highlights the desired qualities when she meets any man.

At sixteen, Linda, my teenager cousin fantasizes of dating a man who is caring, funny, and in control.

What ladies look out for vary, but most ladies want men that are romantic.

John Bondirog is a fine young man with  the repute of dating women perceived to be “classy”. Bondirog an investment banker had dated Janeth Lawn, Paris Seth and Juan Clavy in a space of one month.

He is the charming guy every woman wants, but Bondirog isn’t as handsome as some of his friends who envied his relationships.

I met Bondirog at the close of work on the 5th of August 2012 and asked him to share his secret with me; he blatantly refused. He told me to ask those ladies he dated.

Couple dining at restaurant

Couple dining at restaurant

I was curious so, I hosted Janeth Lawn who is my boss in the office. While discussing with Lawn, I observed the disappointment in her mood, when she narrated her ordeal with Bondirog.

In the midst of the discussion, she said:

Your friend is every romantic, he knows how to speak the language of every woman,

“I’m not surprised that he keeps going from one relationship to another,

“He is original, he makes women laugh…


“Women will continue to fall for his romantic charm,” Lawn added.

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When I spoke to the other ladies, they said almost the same thing.

Juan Clavy surprised me when she said at the coffee shop:

“I will give anything to have Bondirog back in my life,”

Wow! Has any of your  ex-girl friends said that about you?

If not, then you are just another wrong guy that came their way.

I had to dig deep to discover the secret of Bondirog. I call what I discovered the “3 Secrets about Romantic Men”.


They are original

Women appreciate men that are original. They want men that are in control when they are around them. Such men can tell when to play a prank; when to be funny and when to be silent.

Bondirog is the man every woman wants to chat with.

I secretly followed him when he met Cythia Kuss at the mall to know what he does on date.

I observed that while he was chatting with Kuss, she was laughing and I wondered what he said that made her laugh.

Bondirog knows when and how to start a conversation with anything and everything.

I invited him to my church for a Sunday service.

During the service he told me he needed to use the rest room.

I said I needed to use the restroom too.

So we went to the restroom together.

On our way back to the auditorium, Bondirog met this beautiful lady on the staircase. Immediately they had an eye contact, he said this:

“Hello are you an Angel? I need to know, since I’m in church the angels may be walking around to grant people their desires and I want to get mine.”

The lady smiled and that was all they needed to start a conversation.

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The man I invited to church to get saved ended up with another girlfriend on his portfolio.

They care

Romantic men know how to show concern for a lady’s feeling.

You will hear them say:

“Don’t worry, you can cry on my shoulder,”.

“I’m always here anytime you need me,”

“What can I do to help you, baby?”

After making the ladies his  friend, Bondirog makes sure he calls them at odd hours.

He follows up with text messages; shows concern for their needs and becomes a friend to the family.

Bondirog sends pleasant surprises to the ladies.


They value presence

Bondirog worships his ladies.

He takes them to candle light dinners.

He uses every opportunity to hang out with them.

Bondirog is not the man that will give excuses  on why he will not be available when his ladies want him.

Even when he is so busy, he makes sure he squeezes time to be with them.

And when he is with them, Bondirog leaves them with an experience and memory.

Every woman wants her man to be romantic.

You can be the man every woman wants to date. Be romantic!