Many people are in the habit of arriving at a destination rather casually, forgetting that it is critical to observe every single element that constitutes that environment. The need to be circumspect in new places cannot be over-emphasised. Have you ever found yourself in unlabeled parking lots or very large public halls where seats are not designated and you need to leave that point temporarily and could not find your way back when it was time to return? If your answer is in the affirmative, here are three things you need to do in order not to experience the embarrassment that comes with such situations.

1. Ensure that you always mark coordinates: With increasing technological advancements in our world today, the seeming ubiquity of the internet could be leveraged for the marking of favourite spots – at least you can call them favourite spots for that time and purpose you have of returning there. With an adequate Internet connection, it is then easier and more deliberate to return to a marked spot on your GPS-enabled mobile device than by sheer aimless wandering or wishing. This method will however depend on a strong internet connection that can aid the approximate measurement of points to say, the nearest metres, depending on the desired precision of the user.

2. Use landmarks and familiarise with features: Some seemingly common features can prove to be invaluable to a missing person. An individual could employ them from a distance and measure some arbitrary locus relative to the point where he wishes to track. This method is only useful to proactive thinking people who will be retentive enough to use these features right at the instance of their arrival at a place before these features become redundant as is the case when already lost.

3. Ask people: Not everyone who is bone-faced and terrifying in looks would decline to provide an answer to strangers. Some people know too well what God’s position is as to taking care of strangers. God directed the Children of Israel saying, “Love the stranger and sojourner, for you were strangers and sojourners in the land of Egypt.”

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These are some of the smart behaviours of territoriality in space and time.