Automobile lovers seek convenience in their automobile experience. This explains why people would choose to drive in a mini sport utility vehicle. It could be for various reasons based on the intentions of the user.

A subcompact crossover also known as Mini SUV or subcompact SUV is a class of small sport utility vehicles with a length under and around 4,200 mm (165.4 in). From the first time it appeared in 1990, different automobile brands have designed and redesigned it to meet the expectations of the market. They keep coming out with new innovations and redesigns to suit market demands. And Kia is planning on hitting that market with a special design.

The subcompact crossover has been in high demand, causing the brands like Nissan to reduce the sales of Nissan Sedan in the past couple of months. This is one reason all automobile brands are being innovative to meet the demands of the market.

Kia, in a smart and quick move, will soon release its redesigned subcompact crossover to compete with existing brands of crossovers in the market.

Here are a few tips you need to know about the Kia Sportage redesign coming soon:


1. Headlights

While moving at night on a high speed, an automobile user needs to see the roads clearly. This is the reason the new redesigned Kia small crossover has its headlights fixed high up on the front fenders, but they appear to be conventionally styled.


2. Space

The new redesigned Kia also appears to have given the rear of the vehicle plenty of room. There is very little rear overhang, as the wheels are at the corner of the vehicle. The design makes available space to meet the demand of space for other purposes.


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The shape of the car is designed in a way to reduce the drag from air as it moves. It looks to be more aerodynamic than the current model.

As with the current model, the new Sportage, due to be released around 2017, sports a pair of horizontal taillights, a gently sloping roof and dual exhausts on the upper-trim models.