No man is an island; therefore, to excel in your endeavours, you must build or break into relationships.

You need different categories of people in your life – your peers, protégés, and superiors, comprising parents, mentors and leaders.

All relationship types are important and knowing the role of each in your life will help you maximize them.

Mentors, parents and leaders

They serve for accountability.

To be successful, you require guidance and support from an older and more experienced or influential person. They can offer guidance through advice, shared wisdom and practical demonstration. A few words can shine the light in your path.

You can learn by observation, asking the right questions, and listening.

Whether in religion, business, academics, family or career, a word, counsel, insight or experience shared by  a mentor, parent, leader or anyone who has gone ahead of you in life could be the leap you need for the next level.


Friends, colleagues and other peers also play an important role.

They also help your social, emotional and professional development. By interacting with this set of people, you will learn many social skills like communication and problem-solving.

Your peers offer great support and can be available readily.

You can take up challenges with them and learn from them too.


Your knowledge and expertise is of no value if you cannot pass them to another person. You should have people looking up to you for knowledge, inspiration and guidance.

Protégés can keep you on your toes or become propulsive to your growth. The idea is: you can’t give what you don’t have.

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Whose success story would be traced to your influence?

Who challenges or gives you a push?

Who corrects and advises you? Who are you accountable to?

Cultivate a relationship today. It is paramount to your success.

Patrick is an Editor at the Ready Writers Consult, a Content Development firm.