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3 Ways to Appear Attractive

Most people think to be well groomed is reserved for certain people, while some believe it is reserved for the wealthy and stylish.

The fact remains that anyone can appear neat and well dressed  at all times without being wealthy or stylish.

A pleasant appearance means to be well groomed, and staying kempt everyday.

There are people who appear kempt today and tomorrow  they look tattered.

Such people are not consistent; they modify their dressing when people come around them or based on occasions or situations.

Appearing smart and neat at all  time should be a lifestyle.

The way people act when they come around you will tell if you’re consistent or not.

When people come around you, if you have mouth odour, they may leave quick.

If you dress shabbily, you’d feel insecure when you are in the midst of others that are well dressed.

The question now is, how do you maintain consistency in appearing smart and neat with pleasant fragrance in your appearance?  Follow these steps:

Stay kempt everyday

Ensure you take a shower every day before going out.

Some people, for one reason or the other don’t take their bath before going out in the morning. That’s every wrong.

After you take your bath and dry your skin, ensure you remain fresh. You can do this by making use of deodorant. Make sure that the deodorant you choose is free from “aluminium salt”.

Also, take time to wash your teeth at least twice a day, in the morning and night. And make sure you also groom or shave the hair in your private parts.

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You should also carry with you the essentials; essentials like perfume or cologne, mini comb, mini mirror, etc.

It is also important that you style your hair.

Dress the Path 

Do you want people to admire and be attracted to you or to walk on by? I can guess what your answer is.

People appreciate good looks and it starts by wearing clean clothes that make you appear smart and crisp.

You should dress in different styles; wear clean and polished shoes.

When you walk into a place, what happens next is eye-to-body contact. You are scanned!

This is why you should wear a decent fragrance so you smell nice when the process of eye to body contact occurs.

Make sure you treat your leathers by cleaning and polishing them so they don’t appear dull.

Be Conscious of Your Appearance

 Don’t leave yourself anyhow without taking deliberate effort in taking care of your appearance.

You do this by being conscious of your appearance.

You can start by keeping your hair cut and styled. Trim your nails so they don’t grow out of shape.

Use a mirror to check yourself when you are done.

Being conscious of your appearance will also require you to look at what you eat and how you eat.

If you apply  these tips, sure people would give you their time and money.

Daymond John, an American Businessman was of that the view: “Good grooming is integral and an impeccable style is a must. If you don’t look the part, no one will give you time or money.”

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