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Few things ruin a man’s character and reputation faster than infidelity. In today’s sex-saturated world, the difference between right and wrong seems to have become grey rather than black and white. Many people think that having an affair is cool, as long as you are discreet about it and keep your family out of trouble. Nevertheless, the truth remains that God values faithfulness and having sex outside marriage will only land us in trouble. There is nothing cool about fornication and adultery.

In spite of the strength and ubiquity of sexual temptation, it is not unavoidable. As a single man, you have the capacity to stay away from sex until you get married. And when married, you can make a personal commitment to be faithful to your spouse. In addition to sparing yourself and your family needless heartache, this will also help you to be a good example to the younger generation.

And mind you, this will not just happen; you have to make conscious efforts to live out your commitment. In his article, What are you doing to protect your marriage?, Michael Hyatt explains why we should leave nothing to chance, pointing out that one needs to have a strategy. He highlights three helpful actions in this regard:

1. Invest in your relationship with your spouse: Your spouse deserves your affection and attention more than anyone else. Healthy marriage requires investment of your resources – time, physical, spiritual, emotional, financial resources.

Market your books

2. Set specific boundaries: I once heard a preacher talk about how he doesn’t travel alone with the opposite sex. This is a good boundary for everyone to set. Michael Hyatt subscribes to this too, including not eating out alone with someone of the opposite sex, not flirting with someone of the opposite sex and speaking often and lovingly of your spouse.

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3. Consider what is at stake: Have you thought about the consequences of extramarital affairs? In addition to the physical, spiritual and emotional damage caused by adultery, it corrupts your legacy.

God wants you to live a pure life, free from sexual promiscuity. Learn to appreciate and give dignity to your body and honour to your spouse. Come to think of it, why would you be ravished by a strange woman or seduced by a wayward woman? Like King Solomon wisely observed, it is like scooping fire in your laps. If this describes a pain that you certainly don’t want to experience, you would do well to steer clear of everything that can lead you to sexual temptation. Remember, faithfulness will never go out of fashion.