Are you charming? Do you think you have what it takes to grab a beautiful lady’s attention?

Daniel Lake walks into a busy Tumar lounge with men drinking and women standing on every corner. He walks confidently towards the bartender. His fragrance announced his presence, making all the ladies in the lounge notice him.

While sitting at the bar, he smiled at Sydney Morgan. Then she walks up to him and say:

“Hello Daniel, you’ve not been regular at the lounge,”

“Hey, we’ve missed you so much,”

“Hope you are fine.”

As they chatted, other ladies in the lounge envied Sydney.

They had earlier discussed how charming Daniel looks and that ladies will do anything just to hang around him.

Why Daniel?

I’m sure Daniel wasn’t the only man at the lounge.

What is he doing that has made the ladies attracted to him?

The answers to these questions will reveal to you what makes a charming man.  

Most men feel it doesn’t matter how they look, all they should have is money; money is a leveller. It’s enough to make them likable. This can’t always be true. Some ladies get attracted to guys that are broke. You might call them promiscuous. Some qualities attract ladies rather than money

Do you know you can always appear attractive and charming to your lady every time she sees you, just like Daniel? Follow these steps:

Pay attention to your appearance

Ladies pay attention to their looks, I wonder sometimes why men act otherwise. Some men are carefree of their appearance. This has affected their physical structure; they now have bulged stomach. Even at that they even care less.

You need exercise to keep fit. You need not appear like George Clooney, but make sure you look smart and fit. Make sure your clothes are neat, free of wrinkles and well combined for any occasion.

Your appearance should not only be what you focus on; you need to be confident of yourself to command a lady’s attention. Wear a bit of cologne, so the smell doesn’t overwhelm her.

Sometimes, it is not about the clothes you wear, but about the person wearing the clothes. Your personality matters.


Some men find it difficult to smile, appearing so serious, even when they should stay relaxed. A charming smile works like magic.

When you meet a woman, you need to smile. This shows you are open to receiving her.

The lady shouldn’t be the only one you should smile at; so you don’t pass a wrong message. Smile at others; with this, she will see you as a positive and receptive guy.

Charm other people

I’m so sure that Daniel’s personality charmed the surrounding people and not only the lady. Hanging out with a Daniel, you are certain of a fun filled day. He makes the people laugh, engage them in conversions and keep them in a relaxed mood.

Don’t ignore other people around you because you want to impress a lady. Instead, show her you are a guy that can charm anyone that hangs around you. Ladies often notice such guys.


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