Selfish ambitions can be setbacks to excellent leadership.

People who habour such ambitions manifest them in various ways, including a desire to be wealthy through illegal means. They want to always take the first place; they always want to be recognized.

Everyone has an ambition, but it is important to evaluate them to know whether it is self-seeking or for the good of all.

A Selfish ambition is an ambition that is self-seeking, always looking out for self-promoting above the interest of others.

According to Aristotle, selfish, ambitious people are those who want to attain political office by making themselves appear bigger and better before others through trickery.

People with selfish ambitions make statements like:

“Without my help, you can’t achieve any result.”

“You need me to stay relevant on that project.”

“No other idea will be meaningful, if it is not what I’ve suggested.”

Relative to people with selfish ambitions, a person with a genuine ambition puts the interest of others first and his sincerity makes him serve others. The sincerity of a genuine ambition creates the inner strength to resist all forms of corruption in any situation.

Although, people sometimes set out with genuine ambition, they could end up with selfish interests. It could be because they have compared their personal achievements with that of others.

Here are reasons you should avoid selfish ambitions:

It Affects Your Character

Selfish ambition affects your character by changing your mindset. Once, there is a change in your mind and the way you think; it will affect everything you do. When people perceive this, they begin to evaluate if you seek their interest or you just want to use them to achieve your own purpose.

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The day your character becomes questionable, it becomes possible you have developed selfish ambitions.

It Makes You Abuse Power

Someone with a selfish ambition will abuse the use of power when he occupies leadership positions. He will use power to control, suppress and demand what doesn’t belong to him from others. When you find such people in leadership,  their  followers become afraid of  their use of power, they begin to call for a change in leadership.

It Enthrones Pride

Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real.” – Thomas Merton

Selfish ambitions enthrone pride; it makes you artificial, instead of being real.  It makes you do things you would not want to do. A person with selfish ambition could sometimes put on the cloth of humility, but can’t hold on for so long because of his pride. You can relate this to reasons followers rebel against their leader.

It leads to Destruction

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.” – Main Luther King. Jr.

People with selfish ambitions, sometimes thread on a dangerous path. They refuse to retrace their steps when corrected. Unknown to them, they are on a destructive path that can lead to their physical, financial, emotional or career death, but they choose to continue on their path.

They appear as if they are concerned about the welfare of others, while living a life of deception in their personal pursuit.

Always re-evaluate your ambitions, according to the wise words of Richard Bach an American novelist, who opines: “Your consciousness is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness. Listen to it carefully”

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