'4 Tips to Use what You Have'
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4 Tips to Help You Use What You Have

You have something in your hands, which you may have despised for so long. You can create value with what you have if only you payed keen attention to it.

What if you don’t know what you have or its value?

To be exceptional in life, see beyond the surface of what you have; evaluate and deploy whatever is in your hands.

That’s how you solve problems; that’s how you create value.

Maximize the resources within your reach. You must, if you want to make an impact. It affects your earning power too.

When resources appear scarce, it is the best time to re-evaluate what you have. Look inward to discover untapped skills and talent, and desires waiting to be fulfilled.

Your talent, skills and abilities are useful to the world and can become an enduring legacy, once you put them to use.

To stand out in whatever you’ve been called to do, learn to resist the temptation of  trivializing what you have.

Ask yourself: how do I use my skills, talent and ability effectively? Here are simple ways to do that:

Identify Your Skills, Talent and Abilities

You can’t use what you haven’t identified. Your skills, abilities and talent could be what you need to leave a lasting legacy.

For instance, Albert Einstein, needed to look inward to discover he was an intelligent mind; for Mother Theresa, it was her unusual empathy and compassion for the less privileged; while for Bill Gates it was his resolve to see a personal computer in every home in America.

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You have a unique skill, ability or talent waiting to manifest.

Identity it.

You can identify it by getting feedbacks from others; it could be an inner desire; or a widely appreciated talent.

Appreciate What You Have

A general quote says “What you don’t appreciate never increases.”

Before anything can increase, it must obey the “law of appreciation.” But appreciation comes with a level of understanding, and the consciousness that your ability, talent or skills were deposited in you for a purpose.

You likely will give your best to anything you appreciate.

Be Disciplined

After you have identified and appreciated what you have, it is important that you become disciplined. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is discipline. Discipline helps you go through the rigours of the process. Anyone who avoids this, defies a law of nature. Put what you have to use.

Improve Yourself

The resources under your control could be greater than your present capacity; it means you just have to improve.

Personal development is summed up in learning, study and practice. Constantly develop your skills and abilities. Sharpen the edge of your sword.  Become adept at deploying your skills. You will use your resources better

That’s how to succeed in your field

When you use what you have effectively, you create opportunities for yourself.

What’s more? These opportunities can bring him before great men.

Use what you have today.


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