There is this warm feeling you have on Fridays that make you look forward to the weekend. It makes you want to indulge yourself and hope that the next weekday does not come soon. But what do you do when the weekend is approaching and you have nothing interesting to do? That can surely dampen your spirit and reduce the joy and fun derived from the rest days. Although there are innumerable things you can spend time on, why not try the following and see if they make you look forward to next weekend…

    • Go out: Instead of sitting in silence and watching time pass by, visit a new place in town. Seeing the same places and people each day can make the weekend seem very boring and predictable. Even if you have no one to be with, consider yourself good enough and spend time outside with different people you have not met. This gives you a refreshed feeling and a better mindset.
    • Enjoy your hobbies: You might like reading romantic novels, singing, playing video games or baking cakes. The weekend is the time for you to indulge in these activities that please you. Do not consider it a waste of time to spend your time doing things that you enjoy. These simple activities might be the ones that restore your mental balance and keep you going through the next week.
    • Give yourself a treat: We all deserve a break after work and you alone know what makes you happy. It is not a bad idea to reward yourself during the weekend. If you want to vamp up your next weekend, take some time to buy yourself a gift or get a massage at a spa, it all depends on you. Just don’t spend all your money on treats.
    • Rest: Weekends are not the time for you to worry about every single issue that happens at work. Use the weekend to give yourself a break from all the pressure and drama that happens at your place of work. Do not carry the frustrations and negative feelings into the weekend as this may totally ruin it. Weekends are for you to refresh and re-energize your body and mind. Make sure you do not squander all the extra time you have worrying about your boss or colleagues.
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