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The happiness of your woman depends on so many factors which you can easily meet.

Here are four simple ways to make a woman continuously happy:

  1. Give her good sex: One major reason most women disagree with their husbands is because the husband is not giving her good sex. Marriage counselors advise that good sex is a therapy that enhances bonding. When you see a couple arguing or in disagreement, most times, it can be traced to their sexual life. Lack of adequate sex can lead to frustration. Sex is part of one of the strongest forces on planet earth, and it can be used to promote agreement, settle differences and enhance bonding. So, it is important as a man that you give her good sex.
  1. Hear her opinion: A woman will likely keep to herself if her husband always shouts her down and hardly hears her opinions. This will make her defensive in the home. Allowing a woman to share her opinions gives her a sense of belonging, a deeper level of acceptance and a sense of mutual respect in marriage. She may even offer you advice that may not ordinarily come to you. When a woman gets to this point she feels a sense of freedom outside and within, and it makes her happy.
  1. Pay her bills: No matter how financially independent a woman may be, she expects her man to pay her bills. Take this responsibility as a husband.
  1. Understand her love language: Understanding a woman’s love language is a major key in making her happy. There are five different love languages and one of them would resonate with your woman to make her happy. They are: word of affirmation, physical touch, buying of gift, spending quality time with her and service.
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Once you understand your wife’s love language and you keep to the other steps above, you can be sure that you will continually make your wife happy.