I have heard so many things about work-life balance. I have attended seminars, conferences and workshops on work-life balance, but found out that most of them left out one key ingredient that helps to give a full understanding of it. First, you need to grasp the meaning of work-life balance. It does not imply you being idle or working less. But as the name connotes it means finding a way of maintain a balance between work and everyday life. My discovery in trying to maintain a work-life balance was broadened when I had several discussions with successful entrepreneurs who are fathers to children and husbands to wives. I was so curious to know how they were able to successfully strike a balance between their lifestyle and work. Here are a few secrets I discovered:

1. They accomplish more to save time

One of the entrepreneurs told me that he achieves more on Monday than any other week. He said that most people go to work on a Monday with a serious mind-set of “I have to work”. But he goes with the mind-set of “I have to meet a date with my wife after work.” So that helps him work faster and he is able to accomplish more tasks than he expected because there is a timeline of delivery he has placed on himself before he leaves for his date. He went ahead to reveal that, he noticed that on Mondays, when he is done with his task, his employees are still on different tasks because they are relaxed while waiting for closing hour.

You too can do same. Giving yourself a timeline of delivery on every task would help you get them completed faster and then you can have time for other social function. Work shouldn’t be an excuse for missing out on social function if you plan well.

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2. Be conscious of your presence

There is no need being somewhere when your mind is somewhere else. Malcom Forbes was of the opinion that “Presence is more than being there.” It means you can be in a place, but  you are not there. This is the reason most people find it hard to maintain a work-life balance. They are at home, while they are thinking about work. To maintain work-life balance, you need to stay free of certain worries. I mean, if you are at work, be there, contribute with more than your presence. And if you are at home, spend quality time with your family and less time worrying about work.

3. Maintain a continuous standard

 The challenge with most people is that they don’t maintain a continuous standard. I mean continuous standard because some people start with a standard either at home or at work but never maintain it. At home, they start by spending so much time with the family to the point that their spouse and children expect them to continue that way. But when more responsibility comes on the side, they drop their standard. Also, at work, they spend so much energy going the extra mile at work to the point that their boss begins to see it as a standard for them.

Now, when they are unable to meet that standard as a result of other function, then their boss begins to see them as being lazy and inconsistent. This goes a long way to affect work-life balance.

4. Create time

You have no excuse for not creating time for you to rest and spend time for yourself. Be deliberate about creating time to spend with your family and enjoy every moment of it. Ask yourself, do you know the taste of the food you ate this morning? If not, it means you are not paying attention. What is the colour of the sky this afternoon? If you can’t give an answer how can you maintain a work-life balance.

Well what I’m pointing at is that you should enjoy every moment  whether at work or at home and make it count. You don’t have the opportunity of a second chance; your day will never be repeated so make it count.

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