To start at the very top, etiquette is a word used to refer to the rules guiding the behaviour of a group of people in a particular area. It helps to distinguish what is considered right from what is just plain unpleasant. Judging by how disorderly things tend to get every now and then, it is important to take a few lessons in basic etiquette

Unfortunately, the world we live in today is making it seem more and more like it’s unnecessary to show common courtesy. However, chivalry is not yet dead. The only reason people think so is that we, the gentlemen, allow them. 

As such, in today’s article, we’ll be looking at five basic etiquette rules that every gentleman should follow.

  1. Always open the door for a lady 

This is especially important if she is your woman. This particular tradition started several years ago. Back then, some women wore particularly distinguishing items of clothing that were rather large. As such, they found it a bit hard to open the door and gain entrance into certain places. The men of their age helped them, and the culture stuck until today.

However, with most girls wearing skinny jeans and generally comfortable items of clothing, this culture isn’t just to help women. After all, women are perfectly capable of helping themselves. So, no, it’s not to help women. This culture is just a kind gesture to others.

  1. Always arrive early regardless of your destination

If you have an appointment with someone, it’s only right that you arrive on schedule. Being fashionably late might seem nice to you. However, put yourself in the other person’s shoes and try to imagine how you would feel. Would you be comfortable knowing that someone basically wasted your time just for the sake of it? If your answer is no, don’t do it to others either. Even outside general relationships, punctuality should be a main part of your work ethic.

  1. Maintain good hygiene

You might be wondering why your level of hygiene is even on this list. After all, it doesn’t directly affect anyone. Well, the truth is that it does. Imagine a scenario where you’re a particularly important man, perhaps a king of some sort. You want to help a young man and grant him financial independence. So, you schedule a meeting. He comes by in clothes that are nothing to write home about with his hair rough and his shirt evidently dirty. The truth is that such behaviour represents a sort of disregard. Now, it is an entirely different thing if the person cannot afford to dress better. That circumstance is understandable. However, if you can, it is still basic etiquette to ensure you have proper hygiene.

  1. Pull out your lady’s chair

Right up there in the class of opening the door for a woman is pulling out her chair for her. Unlike opening the door, we wouldn’t recommend that you do this to just anyone. It might seem a bit strange if you randomly walk up to strange women and try to take out their chairs from underneath them. However, when going out with a woman that you know, this is part of basic etiquette.

  1. Keep your phone away while making conversation

Our mobile devices have become such a huge part of our lives. It’s gotten so bad that people sometimes forget that phones aren’t substitutes for real-life interactions. So, next time you find yourself talking to someone else, keep your phone away. If you must be on your phone, excuse yourself and do it as briefly as possible. It’d just be basic etiquette for a gentleman.

In conclusion

Grooming yourself goes beyond your physical appearance. You also have to learn to act appropriately. These rules of etiquette help you do so.