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5 In-Demand Skills That Provide a Career Boost

No matter what stage of your career you’re in, there are certain skills that will keep you sharp, current, and hireable. Whether you plan to stay in your current career or want to change industries, here are five in-demand skills that can give you a career boost. Dive into these five skills we’ve listed below and take your career to the next level.


Here are five in-demand skills that provide a career boost:

  1. Business Development Skills


As Hannah Morgan writes about in a Career Sherpa article, business development skills are at the top of the list. Learn to develop your ability to pitch and talk about your ideas in the workplace.


“Every employee has internal customers, so learning how to improve how you work together and communicate will benefit you and your career. Pitching your idea to a team is all about sales and relationship building. You can’t just shove your idea down the team members’ throats and expect them to buy into it,” she writes.

  1. Data Analysis Skills


Though most often associated with accounting or marketing, being able to interpret and analyze data can help you in nearly any job.


Think back over your previous jobs. Were there reports compiled or metrics shared? Your ability to understand and interpret this data for your particular role is an in-demand skill employers are looking for. Having knowledge of data software can put you ahead of the pack.

  1. Technical Skills


Technical skills are necessary for any employee, but especially for remote workers who have to rely more on their own expertise and less on the IT department in the next cubicle.

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To give yourself a career boost, focus on not only mastering your understanding of the basics, such as basic computer and Internet troubleshooting, but also the specific programs used in your role and company. Employers seek out employees who can hold their own in the technical world.

  1. Collaboration Skills


Another skill that is doubly important for remote workers, collaboration skills involve your ability to work well with others. It can be easy to put your head down and work, especially if you’re a remote worker.


But employers want to know you can collaborate with your co-workers in a positive way. Some people are leaders and some are followers—focus less on what your position is, and more on working well with others no matter what your role is.

  1. Process Improvement Skills


Employers want to hire employees who will not only perform their job successfully, but also improve upon it. Process improvement skills involve analyzing your tasks and finding better, more efficient ways of completing them.


Maybe you know of another method that will save time, or you’ve used a program at a previous job that can be implemented at your new company to save time and money. Helping improve processes will show you are involved in your job at more than just a surface level.


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