Many experts across the world do not exactly agree on which sleep pattern is best for you. Even more have disagreements as to how many hours of sleep you should get in a day. Some propose a minimum of six and others say eight is optimal. Regardless of all these conflicts of opinion, everyone in the medical world agrees that there are several reasons you need good sleep.

Unfortunately, if you are like most of the world right now, especially living in a busy city, the chances are that you aren’t getting quite as much rest as you should. You probably stay up at night working or texting. The chances are that you have to get up early every morning so you can beat the traffic, thus, denying yourself a good night’s rest.

However, no matter how much of work you do and how tight your schedule is, you need to get enough rest. Why? Here are five solid reasons you need good sleep:

1. Sleep aids weight loss

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, you should know that losing sleep in the process is not going to do any good for you. As a matter of fact, according to a study, as an adult, you are about 55% more likely to become obese if you don’t get enough rest. Now, there are several factors that contribute to this from your hormones to the intensity of your exercise. Regardless, it still stands to reason that you should get enough rest every night.

2. It helps to improve brain function

If the kind of work you do is mentally tasking, you should not even think of joking with your sleep hours. This is so because when you don’t get enough rest, it can significantly impair different brain functions. A few include, concentration, cognition, problem-solving skills, etc.

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3. It enables better physical performance

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t get enough sleep, your body makes it very evident to you? During those times, you’ll feel a lot more drowsy, sluggish, and generally tired. However, when you get enough rest every night, your speed, reaction time, and accuracy, among other things, are at optimal levels. This is particularly good if you are an athlete or someone who needs to be in top shape for work.

4. Good sleep helps you to reduce the risk of heart diseases

Now, one of the reasons you feel so good after each night rest is that your body spent the better part of your sleep working on itself. During that time, wounds are healed. More importantly, without all the stress of being awake and working, your blood pressure is regulated. A regulated blood pressure equals better heart health.

5. It improves your immune system

Like every other function in your body, your immune system needs the rejuvenating powers of sleep to remain at optimal levels. When you get enough sleep, your immune system is more likely to win the fight against certain illnesses like the common cold.


By all means, sleeping well and sleeping often is good for you. While you are chasing your goals and pulling all-nighters, remember this!

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