Market your books

Career advancement is predicated on certain steps, some of which I have highlighted in this article. My goal is to provide you with relevant steps you should take for a career leap.

1. Be conscious of your brand

The consciousness of yourself as a brand informs what you do and how you present yourself. For instance, you are expected to have an email signature that describes you as an individual or the organisation you represent. Your online profile should truly represent your personality and not just an unreal identity that is distant from you in reality. Have a social media policy that defines what you post on various social media platforms. This is because today, employers usually check out the social media profiles of their prospective employees to have a perception of them before meeting them.

2. Know the job

Your knowledge of the job will always be tested when you are faced with challenges in an organisation. Your knowledge of the job will determine what you achieve and if you will be given more responsibilities. And the more responsibilities you handle, the more your chances for a promotion. Until you understand the job, you cannot pass required tests. This implies that there will be no promotion for you. And when I talk about promotion, it does not necessarily have to do with your current job position; it could be in the form of changing jobs, or climbing the corporate ladder of your chosen career path.

3. Take the risk

Sometimes, your job responsibilities may demand that you take some risks. Your employer expects you to take these risks, not to harm you or affect the productivity of the company, but to know if you are ready to advance yourself in the course of understanding what is expected of you.

Market your books

4. Be the example

Always strive to be the example and positive point of reference. Let your employer be proud of you. Yes, this requires a lot of work; but what that does is that it sets you apart and places you as the preferred candidate for greater responsibilities.

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5. Invest more in personal development

Your income or professional level cannot be higher than your personal development. What that means is that your present position is consequent on your present level of personal development. If you want to experience a career leap then you must invest more time in personal development. When you commit to a daily routine to self improvement, you will be surprised how fast you will experience career growth.