There is a very popular saying that, “no man is an island.” This saying passes one message across, which is: nobody can do everything by themselves. This saying essentially tells you that you need to network. Sadly, it does very little to explain in detail why networking is important for you.

Now, the chances are that you have probably made a few efforts at networking before. Knowing that networking is important, you have probably tried mingling with one or two individuals. However, can you honestly say you know the reasons networking is important? Do you understand the value of this act, or are you merely doing so because people say you should?

If you don’t, you needn’t worry, really. In today’s article, we’ll be pointing out a couple of reasons networking is important, regardless of your career path.

1. It helps to increase your visibility

Have you ever wondered why politicians and business moguls are always attending one fancy event or the other? Have you ever wondered why they pretty much spend the entire event trying to meet someone else? It’s because it helps them to become more noticeable. This is what networking does for you. You would no longer be that obscure young man nobody really knows about. If you play your cards just right, especially on places like LinkedIn, you could be at the back of some very important individuals’ minds.

2. It opens doors for better opportunities

This is the pot of gold at the end of the networking rainbow. When you network with people properly, consistently checking up on them, and building long-term relationships, you’ll be going beyond just using people for what they can offer you. Instead, you’ll be building friendships. With these sorts of friendships, you would get opportunities from these people simply because they know you. This, in itself, can do wonders for your business.

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3. It increases your level of knowledge

Imagine that you were living on an island with no access to civilization. You have no phones to keep up with your loved ones, and there are no newspapers for miles. You would lose out on a lot of information, right? Well, that’s how it works with networking too. If you choose to remain on your own, you’ll be trapped only with the knowledge you have, and you won’t learn anything new. Of course, there’s the internet, but nothing beats a good old conversation with an industry expert.

4. It increases your status

There’s a 50/50 chance that you wouldn’t be excited about this but hear me out. When you network properly, you’ll have a list of important contacts. At the very least, you’ll be able to count them on one hand. Even if you aren’t as rich or influential as they are, knowing these people automatically sets you on a higher social pedestal. With this kind of “honour,” you could be given access to such exclusive places as country clubs, among others.


We’ve already established that networking is an excellent thing, and it can do wonders for you. However, if you must reap those wonders, you must network the right way. Take your time to find out how.