So what secret ingredients do we need, to cook a healthy relationship?

In fairytales, love alone wins. But in reality, a relationship takes so much more effort to work out. Love alone is not sufficient to work a relationship out.

Love. definitely is a very significant factor, mostly it is the basic foundation of a relationship. When topped with other factors, a relationship can turn out to be a very successful one. Long term, permanent relationships deserve to have a few more attributes which we often devalue.

Whether a relationship works out or it doesn’t, depends mostly on the presence of these few qualities that most relationship in the current generation is missing.

Love is grand, but on its own, it’s not enough to keep up the momentum in a relationship.

If you want your relationship to rock your life, incorporate these 5 qualities in your relationship:

1. Respect

How much do you think your partner respects you? Do their actions make you question your own value? Do you often question yourself about your own worth?

Respect is the feeling of admiration and adoration of a person, who is held high on the pedestal of esteem. Respect is the degree of esteem you put to a person. It is the value of a person.

If your partner respects you, you will feel admired, encouraged for your abilities and potentials. You will never have to question your self-esteem when around your partner because they see you for who you are.

If your partner is constantly playing mind games, abusing you, manipulating you, blaming you, guilt-tripping you, he/she is sending you a direct message that “You are not valuable to me.” “It is okay to lose you.”

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If a relationship cannot provide you with respect and value you deserve, it is not worth your efforts.

2. Trust

Without genuine trust between the partners, you can never let your guard down and hence you will always be halfway into the relationship. An intimate relationship requires depth and penetration beyond the surface.

Relationships require both the partners to take a huge leap of faith. Two individuals, lacking the knowledge about each other’s past lives have to start together, all on the foundations of trust. Imagine, how vulnerable these two people would be when they first meet each other, as absolute strangers!

If trust is not retained in a relationship, you can never have your peace of mind. If you are always suspicious of your partner that he/she is not loyal to you, hiding information from you, your relationship will be sabotaged.

3. Proper Communication

Relationship losses it’s meaning if there is no open, double-ended communication between the partners. Communication, be it verbal or through body language, is the most crucial requirement of a relationship.

Even when the whole world is meant to misunderstand you, it is your partner who knows you inside out. They deserve to know about every hurdle you face in life. Expression of love, care, affection, and protection is equally important as compared to the feeling.

You can communicate your deepest feelings for your partner through word or through actions to enhance the connection.

4. Common goals

Real love isn’t always about looking into each other’s eyes, it is also about looking ahead of life together, in the same direction. A successful relationship must have a strong partnership. And a partnership means teamwork.

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It is natural for your partner to have aims and goals in his/her life, separate from yours’s. But having separate goals makes space for compromises, sacrifices and a lot of hard work to keep going. After a while, this struggle can get exhausting.

When two people share the same goals and objectives in life, they can work hard, with the same mentality and intention to succeed. With an absence of differences and negotiations, two people can contribute their best for the triumph that lies ahead.

5. Common values

It is not possible for two people to have absolutely the same set of value systems as there is always a distinction between the past life experiences they had or the way they are brought up.

If you have almost the same set of values, ideologies, and beliefs, half of the battle is own; for you both are on the same side.

Differences in value system may lead to constant arguments, fights, and complains that will gradually lead to toxify your relationship, leaving you to ultimately quit it.

If love would be sufficient enough for a relationship then half of the divorces would have never materialized.

Culled from The Minds Journal