The relationship that exists between a man and a woman is like a plant. It is delicate, beautiful, and has the potential to blossom into a beautiful kind of life form. However, this is only possible if the relationship is nurtured properly. One of the ways through which you could nurture your relationship is by using effective relationship-building activities.

There are a number of things that you could try out if you’re looking to make your relationship even better than it currently is. To help you, we’ll be listing six of those relationship-building activities. They are:

  1. Date night with no gadgets

To build your relationship, you can both go out on dates. Talk and enjoy each other’s company without gadgets (mobile phones in particular). Keep in mind that date night isn’t limited to dinner at a restaurant. If she likes to dance, take her out to dance. The list is endless but just ensure you have a good time.

  1. Create an appreciation list

Far too often, we’re excessively focused on what the other person did wrong. We become so fixated on their flaws that we do not see what wonderful human beings they are. As such, sit your partner down and create a list of things you love and appreciate about her. Let her do the same. Make it as detailed as you want. When you’re done, go through each other’s lists. This single act can help strengthen your relationship.

  1. Exercise with each other

A fit couple is a happy couple. No one actually says that, but it is quite true in many cases. So, create a workout routine that tends to your separate individual needs. Afterwards, start working out together. Support her in her fitness exercises and let her support you as well. It’ll be a great way to build the relationship.

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  1. Create question jars

For this to work, inform your partner beforehand. Tell them to write a list of as many questions as possible that they want to ask you and you will do the same. Then, you could both sit opposite each other, exchange your jars and take turns picking out and answering questions. We’d advise that you refrain from asking questions that could lead to conflicts.

  1. Pray together

This might not be up your alley if you’re not from a religious background or you just aren’t inclined in that direction. However, a family that prays together stays together. So, occasionally, set out on a journey to improve your spiritual lives. Pray together and talk to your creator. It works wonders for relationships.

  1. Set your goals together

As a couple, you are one, you are a team, and you are partners. Put aside a separate time for both of you to set your goals. You would outline yours, and she would outline hers. Then, you could make yourselves accountability partners. 


If you are going to be spending the rest of your life with her, the last thing you want is for that life to get boring. So, try out these relationship-building activities. They’ll help add a little spark to things.