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6 Questions to Answer if You Want to Get a Promotion

Getting a promotion comes with a lot of perks: more income, a sense of fulfilment and job security. However, getting promoted is not a piece of cake. Some people remain on a particular job level for ten, twenty years or even their lifetime without moving up the ladder. This happens most times not because such persons do not desire to be promoted, or are not hardworking, but because they have failed to ask themselves the right questions that will secure their promotion. Here are six questions to ask yourself if you want to move up the ladder:


  1. How are you doing in your current position?

When considering whether or not to promote you, the first thing that your boss will ask is how you are faring in your current position. If you are looking to move forward, you must first overachieve in your current job. Do you arrive a little early and close a little late, or you come to work late and close early without meeting your daily targets? If you have been lagging behind, go the extra mile with every responsibility you take on. Take on each task with a sense of dedication and purpose, even when your boss is not there to monitor you. It’s only when you have successfully done the little things that greater things will be added.


  1. Does the management know of your desire to move up?

Sometimes, there are a few openings in some companies and the management, thinking there are no staff interested in filling out the post, hires someone from the outside. This happens for a number of reasons. One, you have not told the management of your desire to move up the ladder. Or they do not know about your career goals. Many CEO’s have shared stories of how they promoted their staff once an opening comes up because those staff have told them their career goals in a way that stuck in their heads.

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  1. Did you ask for a feedback the last time you were not promoted?


There may be a time you missed out on a promotion because the panel thought you were not qualified at that time. In this case, it’s not enough to feel sad and maligned; rather, you should ask for feedback. Ask what you can do going forward to have a better chance at being selected next year if another position becomes available. However, it’s not enough to get a feedback, you must also work on your deficiency, learn new skills, improve your speed at completing given tasks. You must implement the feedback if you want to be promoted.


  1. Do you possess an attractive attitude?


It has been said many times that attitude is everything. Attitude counts a lot when it comes to your success at work. It is not enough to have a great attitude; your attitude must be very likable by your colleagues in the workplace. Are you the go-to person when your colleagues are in a fix about a particular task? Do you have the ability to make others want to do better?


Leaders can identify people who can engage and attract a crowd of supporters. People with a likable attitude help keep the workplace balanced, and are capable of attracting clients.


  1. Are you loyal at all times?


For some people, they are one leg in and one out. They are not focused on their current job because they are looking for a getaway opportunity always. This is not the mind-set of someone who is working for a promotion. Being loyal to your company is very important for career success. It is about breathing and living everything about the brand. If your boss knows that you have not been a good ambassador of the company, he will not be willing to promote you.

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Loyalty is an important ingredient for career success; therefore, you should not give your employer the impression that you are open to an offer from their competitors.


  1. Do you demonstrate the capacity for growth?


Have you demonstrated the capacity to learn new skill sets, or the ability to expand your thinking capacity? You can’t expect to be promoted when you are still depending on the old ways of doing things. You have to constantly evolve. You have to remodel yourself for the next position you desire to occupy. Constant improvement should be your watchword if you want to move up the ladder

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