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6 Secrets to Win Your Wife’s Respect

In this post, Valour Digest runs you through key points that will help you earn your wife’s respect.

In every marriage (or relationship leading to marriage) the woman needs to have her man function in his role. For the woman to feel the warmth of a relationship, the man must be more than just a guy who occupies the position of a man in her life. While most men want to be the kind of man that is highly desired by every woman, only a few smart men play within the confines of certain rules which see their wives respecting them and submitting to their leadership. I strongly believe that in as much as it is the duty of the wife to submit, it is the place of the husband to love his wife.

Nowadays, most adult females believe that they are independent and as such, they don’t need a man in their lives. The reality is, some women in their careers today are faring better than most men in the same calling. They have gone up the corporate ladder and are seeking positions in public office. Many women that have risen to such positions are faced with the challenge of relating properly with the man in their lives because they sometimes want to call the shots and be in control.

This article intends to show you how to make your wife submit to your leadership regardless of the position she occupies in her career or other platforms outside the home front. The message is addressed not only to married men but also to men that are looking to get married.

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1. Function in your role

Some men often forget that the role of a man is a leadership role. He is expected to steer the ship in any relationship. Most men fail in this area because they lack knowledge. Imagine you being in a ship and the captain suddenly announces that he has lost the map and doesn’t know the direction the ship is expected to go. When that happens over and over, it will become clear that something has gone awry with the captain and then you may not trust his leadership anymore. The same principle applies in a relationship. A woman who has fallen victim to her husband’s poor decisions or lack of direction on several occasions is likely not to stop looking up to the man for guidance, especially when it involves major decisions. And that gets her submission into question. Smart men have a better understanding and act better. They are conscious of how they pilot the affairs of their relationship.

They scrutinise every decision they make carefully and where necessary, they factor in their spouse’s opinions before making a decision. They sometimes base their decisions on the positions of their partner when they believe it will achieve better results. They are concerned about the destination of their relationship and not their ego. Women under this sort of men submit delightfully because they sense their opinion is valued.

2. Don’t be an opportunist

Some women make more income than their husbands. This is a challenge for some men who suddenly become opportunists. They abandon their responsibilities at home because their wives earn more than they do. That is not right and makes it hard for the wives to respect them. On the other hand, smart men continue to fulfil their responsibilities despite the fact that their wives earn more. They pay the bills and even out of their low income go ahead to buy their wives gifts. By this act, they win the affection of their woman.

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3. Show confidence

Some men are confused and they are not clear about what they want. When issues arise, they are confused. When the man who should be leading is confused, it leaves the woman with fear. No doubt, we could encounter some weighty issues that demand time before they can be resolved. What the woman wants to see in such circumstances is a level of confidence, telling her that you are in charge and will have everything sorted out. This is one attribute most smart men are particularly conscious about.

4. Be secure in yourself

Some men check the telephones of their wives or partner. This is out of place, because it tells of the insecurity of the man. A man that is on top of his game doesn’t need to do that. In fact, once you consider doing that as a man and your woman finds out, you have started losing her respect. She will see you as insecure and as someone who is yet to be mature. You need to just trust people, whether in business or in a relationship. That is the lone path to stay stable and shed off insecurity.

5. Show your commitment

As the popular saying goes, “Action speaks louder than words.” That expression stresses commitment. The dedication of a man should be understood more than his speech. When a woman understands the degree of your commitment in a relationship, she will respect you because she recognises that the success of the relationship is her success.

6. Use the right words

Some men lack consciousness of the right words to use. They don’t understand when to talk and what to say while relating with their wives. This is a challenge because ladies are wired to flow with the right words. Smart men know when to and how to speak the right words. They recognise when to say romantic words, they know when to be silent, they know when to speak the love language of their partner.

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Being a man is more than just filling a position; it requires a conscious decision and deliberate actions on your part. As Richard Madden said, “You act at being a man and before you know it you are one.” Do so, and you will have the respect of your spouse.

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