There are tons of opportunities on the internet just waiting to be plucked. You can use this vast interconnection of computers to connect with loved ones. You could also use it for business, driving customers to your page consistently for profit. Finally, you can use the internet for dating.

Admittedly, internet dating sites aren’t the most common things around this part of the world. However, the enthusiasm we lack in swiping and liking for dates, we put same into social media. While social media isn’t created specifically for dating, there’s no law that says you can’t say a friendly “hi” to your person of interest on the platform.

For this reason, we’ll be giving you a few tips on internet dating, whether you’re using a dating site or just a social media platform.

  1. Start a friendly conversation

If you do come across an interesting person on your timeline, start up a conversation. Do not go ahead to start stalking them all over the web. You also don’t want to jump right in and tell her that you’ve been in love with her for as long as you’ve existed. No, that’s sure to scare her off. You want to make sure that you introduce yourself properly and keep the conversation sane.

  1. Do not compliment her body

Don’t get me wrong. Everyone loves compliments. Not flattery, compliments. However, when you’re meeting a lady for the first time and the only thing you’re pointing out is her body, it sends the wrong signal. More often than not, it’ll get you the opposite of the nice reaction you were expecting.

  1. Don’t be boring in your conversation

This part might seem a little vague, so let’s break it down a little bit.

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  • Avoid giving monosyllabic responses.
  • Ask open-ended questions. That is, questions that’ll prompt them to talk more instead of just respond yes/no.
  • Don’t be too cryptic such that you end up giving no information about yourself.
  1. Don’t be self-centered

There are few things that ladies hate more than men who only want to talk about themselves. Perhaps, in the early 14th century, you could’ve gotten any girl by rambling on and on about your accomplishments in battle. However, now, you’ll probably just get ignored. So, as much as you want to talk about yourself, listen to her as well.

  1. Avoid asking for more pictures of her

This is pretty straightforward. Many women are incredibly smart and guided by their brains. When you start asking for more pictures of them, it immediately sets off an alarm. After all, you wouldn’t give a random stranger your passport photographs just because they asked. As such, for as long as possible, stay contented with her profile picture.

  1. Be polite if rejected

Not everyone you’re interested in would be interested in you. Besides that, she might get a lot of messages every day from men and might be at a loss as to how to reply them all. So, if she doesn’t text you back or she outright brushes off all your attempts at friendship, be polite. Don’t go off about how she’s arrogant. Just exit calmly.


You should keep it in mind that these tips are a means to an end, not the end in itself. Remember that she’s just someone you’re interested in, not your soul mate yet. These tips are to help you lay the foundations for what could be a beautiful friendship or even a relationship.

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