Some men think that by simply taking a woman out for shopping or even buying her a recharge card, her attention can easily be gotten.

Can this really be true? Let’s look at some of the ways men charm ladies.

1. Going to a cinema: This is one sure way men in most cases get the attention of their babes. It has also propelled a lot of ‘yes’ as an answer to a proposal for a relationship.

2. Going to an eatery: You may be surprised to discover that some ladies in Nigeria have not had an eatery date experience. Some men capitalise on this, in order to get ladies to be enamoured of them.

3. Calling and sending text messages: One thing that makes a lady feel loved is when a guy is in the habit of putting a call through and sending text messages to her. This makes her have a sense of belonging and also gives her confidence. Most ladies appreciate getting attention whether at home, at work or even when she is travelling to another state.

4. Send money to her: It has been argued at different times, that not all women are after the guy’s money in a relationship. But where a guy is able to support a woman, financially, without her asking, it is natural that such a woman would naturally develop affinity towards him.

5. Carry her in your car: Women do have this sense of ownership when their men carry them in their car, cruising around nice places. This is common among female students who have had to trek for long distances. Now, a guy with a good car could easily win the heart of such student.

6. Getting her car and generator tanks filled: Experience has shown that when a guy who has been itching to have a babe around him goes the stretch to do the above stated, she definitely will be the one to get him invited to her place.