It is an illusion to think that the elderly are incapable of physical activity, therefore cannot participate in sports. Some people sincerely believe that physical activity becomes obsolete with age. The widespread misconceptions also includes the idea that it is dangerous for older people to participate in sports due to the risk of injury.

A recent report provided by healthcare specialists revealed that most people avoid physical activity all together at the age of 65. They either just sit or lay down most of the day – chillin.

The immobility of the seniors increases their vulnerability making them suffer from stiffness, aches, and pains like the tin-man with no oil. Health experts believe that physical health decline occurs if the person doesn’t have enough physical activity. Therefore, one should not forget about the benefits of sport and fitness activities for the elderly.

Sport prolongs life

It is essential for older people to stay active. This issue is actually significant for all, but it becomes vitally important as you get older. The physical activity is the key to a long and healthy life.

Health experts recommend doing sports to prevent diseases. Spend at least 150 minutes per week performing aerobic exercises. Moderate aerobic activity is necessary to work the major muscles in the body. One should not have some sophisticated training plan. It is usually enough to make simple exercises.

Fitness activities improve health

The problems the elderly face are associated with Joint flexibility and bone strength, higher blood pressure and body fat levels. As a result, they are usually diagnosed with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Strokes and many other health problems.
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The elderly are susceptible to the conditions mentioned above due to the lack of physical activity. Numerous studies proved that it is never late to get fit. Our bodies are always responsive to our activities. Therefore the seniors should choose fitness activities to improve the strength of muscles and physical endurance. They should work over better balance and coordination.

Sport reduces tension and makes the person relaxed

It is impossible to remove stress from our life but people can learn to manage it. Exercise is one of the most effective tools for that. Sport and physical activities produce endorphins that function as natural painkillers and distract the person from daily worries. As a result, the person sleeps well and this helps to reduce tension and make the person more relaxed.

Sport adds diversity to social life

Enjoyable activities improve mood and enhance the social life of the person. People visit sports centers and start communicating with each other. New friends bring a boost to their life. This is a powerful incentive for the older person to know that someone is waiting for him or her to show up at the gym. It raises motivation to a new level. Such people are more committed to regular workouts. Socializing helps to produce the hormone oxytocin that lowers anxiety and promotes relaxation.

Fitness activities help to control the body weight

Sports participation is an effective way to burn calories and maintain body weight thus reducing the likelihood of developing hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

Sport brings pleasure and makes people happier

The quality of life is the main priority for older people. Therefore they prefer to choose the activity that brings pleasure. Swimming, cycling, walking and playing volleyball bring much joy. As a result, the person lives a more fulfilled life.

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Fitness activities help to maintain independence

Independence is very important for seniors as it provides a better quality of life. If the person is physically fit, emotionally, mentally, and socially engaged, he/she stays healthier longer. Engaging in fitness activities helps to maintain a healthy spirit and body and, consequently, stay independent living within their own homes.

At the same time, we should understand that some tasks can become physically challenging for older people. Their children worry about them as well, so it is advised to care about safety before embarking on a new exercise routine. The personal emergency response service LifeFone can be an ideal solution giving peace of mind to all. It helps to contact the emergency care experts at any time with a single push of the button.

The service is highly recommended by healthcare providers in North America. There are emergency situations when it is necessary to get fast assistance, for instance, after a heart attack. The immediate medical help can prevent the stroke and provide effective treatment.

The risk of falls rises proportionally with age. People over 65 suffer from this problem and the injuries can be fatal. It is vital to get medical assistance in this case as fast as possible and the emergency service can care about it.

Culled from Sport Psychology Today