Children are wonderful gifts that have the potential to make your life even more beautiful than it already is. As a parent, it is your duty and responsibility to take care of them. Especially in times like this, you have to keep your child entertained.

Now, entertaining your kids doesn’t necessarily mean blowing all your money on an expensive amusement park ticket. You can enjoy a good day with your kids without breaking the bank. Let’s explore seven great ways you can go about doing that:

1. Organize a family game night

Usually, to help them grow and get enough rest, children are sent to bed pretty early. However, you can switch things up a little. Inform your kid that you’d be playing games together as a family at night and they don’t have to sleep too early. The mere thought of “staying up late like daddy and mummy” will be incredibly exciting for them.

2. Take a walk through the neighbourhood

This is a great way for you to entertain your child away from screens. While doing this, ensure that you stretch their minds by pointing out things they probably didn’t know before. Kids are fascinated by a lot more than you’d care to imagine.

3. Plant something

Kids love to be members of a productive force of some sort. Give your child the opportunity to do so. Dig the ground a little or get a flower pot and plant something. Those few hours spent together are sure to keep your kids engaged.

4. Tell them a story of/from your childhood 

Kids often forget that their parents, too, were once like them. So, sit your child(ren) down and tell them about how naughty, shy, or coolheaded you were as a kid. Feel free to exaggerate a little for the sake of it. wink

5. Hide and Seek

This will be great for your children and will spark a flame of excitement in them. If your house is big enough, and they’re not likely to get hurt running around, this game is perfect.

6. Cook a meal together

This requires keen supervision. Also, you will be the one to handle the sharp objects as well as the stove. But, as much as possible, make your child a part of the process.

7. Build a fort

This is another effective way to keep your child entertained. If you want to do this, you can gather your blankets and lay them over chairs that are arranged in a square. That way, you’ll have a blanket roof over your head. You could put a battery-powered flashlight inside for lighting and hang out with your kid inside it.


Playing with and entertaining your kids is such a rewarding endeavour. You cannot afford to miss out on it. 


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