A narcissist is a person who is generally consumed with themselves. They often lack the ability to feel empathy for other people. Alongside that, they constantly feel the need to be admired or appreciated for whatever efforts they make. All of these traits make them unbearable in human relationships. So much so that some people consciously avoid them.

With the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) being a real thing, according to many psychologists, it’s not a surprise that we’re surrounded by this kind of people in our lives. You might not know it, but the closest narcissist to you could be your boss, your close friend, your second child, or even yourself! Yes, you might be a narcissist too.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to spot traits of narcissism in you all by yourself. So, here are seven different signs that you might be a narcissist:

  1. You are a sore loser

It could be while playing a video game with the boys or while trying to come up with a new idea at work. However, if you constantly find yourself getting riled up every time you lose, you might be a narcissist.

  1. You have a sense of entitlement

A sense of entitlement is a mindset that promotes the feeling of people owing you something. Narcissistic people generally feel like they deserve to be appreciated more or that the world must do this or that for them, even when they’ve not worked to earn those things. Do you think this way? You might be the N-word – narcissistic.

  1. You are a know-it-all person 

Many people make the mistake of overestimating their intelligence, but narcissists are quite adept at it. Regardless of how smart you are, you shouldn’t make it a habit to constantly put people down. If you do, well, you know what that means.

  1. Self-righteousness

Many narcissistic people feel like their values, opinions, and ideas are more righteous than those of others. What’s more, is that they want to be recognized for it.

  1. You are always looking to justify for your actions

Whether they’re mean, blunt, or downright disrespectful, they always look to justify their actions. They might say “he was stupid, he deserved it” or “she was disturbing me,” but personally, I think it’s a lot more accurate to say, “I’m a narcissist.” You should, too, if you’re constantly exhibiting this trait.

  1. You enjoy being bossy

Narcissists like to be the centre of attention and to be in control all the time. What better way to achieve that than to lord yourself over everyone else and constantly tell them what to do? That’s sarcasm by the way. Constantly lording yourself over others is toxic.

  1. You’d rather talk than listen

Many narcissists do not really care about the opinions of other people. Even when they seem to be listening to you, they usually are just waiting for you to finish talking so you can hear them speak. If you are like this, you already know what it is.


Nobody likes a narcissist. Besides the fact that you might hurt other people in the process, you could destroy your social life. Try to curb traits of narcissism in your life. If you can’t, see a professional.