As the pandemic, Covid -19 gets worse, more and more people are forced into self-isolation to prevent the spread of the disease. Those with flu-like symptoms are self-quarantining and lots of people are going to be idle. But there are ways to stay productive in these dark times and make good use of your self-isolation.

Here are 7 ways you can be productive during self-isolation:

  1. Show Kindness: In difficult times like these, little acts of kindness can do a world of good for people in need. It is easy to become angry and resentful while you are stuck in the house with noisy children, but remember this is the best time to show love to people. Call your parents, siblings and loved ones and remind them that you care. Check on your elderly neighbours (while keeping a safe distance) and offer to help them with supplies if they don’t have. You can give a generous tip to a delivery guy to help get this done. You never know what these little acts of kindness can mean to a lot of people.
  2. Read a Book: Remember that excuse of you being too busy to read a book? Well, that is out of the window now because all you have at the moment is time (except you still have to work from home). So use this time religiously, pick up a book and read. If you are naturally an avid reader, now is the time to diversify and read other kinds of books you usually do not have to read.
  3. Remember your Passion: Your everyday job might not be your passion Perhaps you work at a bank but love painting; this is the time to get that brush and canvas out. Start a passion project, do that thing you have always wanted to do but have not had the time to.
  4. Learn Something New: There are lots of materials online to update your skill. Online courses, tutorials and eBooks that can help you improve yourself so you are not left behind in this changing world. It might be something not even related to your career that you have always had a fascination for. Coding? Video Editing? Go online and improve yourself.
  5. Stay Fit: While it is ill-advised to go to the gym this period, it is important to continue to stay fit. The problem is, you might not have the equipment used in the gym but you can still make use of what you have at home. There are many home workout videos on YouTube that you can learn from. This is especially important for those whose excuse to not workout daily has been work. Now you have all the time to yourself!
  6. Practice Self Discipline: For those who might be working from home without supervision for the first time, this might not be an easy experience for you. You might be tempted to wake up later than usual and go to bed later than usual. You might be exposed to a lot of distraction you normally wouldn’t be exposed to at work. This is the perfect time to practice self-discipline and learn to work without supervision. Wake up at a set time, make a list of activities you will be engaged on that day and do everything you can to stick to them. When you are done, make a report of everything you accomplished and see how well you have done. If you fall short, don’t fret. Try to meet up the next day and the more you are deliberate about this, the better you will become.
  7. Work on your Home: This might just be the perfect time to tidy up. It might also be the perfect time to give your home that makeover you have always wanted to do. It could be a new paint job or changing the curtains. Use this period to give your home a new look.
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It is easy to feel jobless in a time like this, but this is the time to feel even more responsible. It is a time to make life better for yourself, loved ones and neighbours and at the end of this pandemic, you will come out of it better than ever.

Samuel Ejedegba