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8 Rules Thin Guys Should Know For Getting Dressed

Although you may think that skinny fellas have it made in the wardrobe department, the reality is, they frequently struggle to find clothes that fit and flatter. Though many garments are made with thin men in mind, sometimes pieces accentuate their slim bodies a little too much.

The issues thin guys face are certainly different than those of husky guys; however, there are still some rules that they can follow to help make shopping a little easier.

So to all the slender guys out there, we’ve got eight simple rules for you to navigate the world of getting dressed.

1. Avoid t-shirts with large sleeves: T-shirts with large sleeves can make your arms look like spaghetti strings. Try and find t-shirts that fit somewhat tight around the arm. You can roll them up a bit if you like that look. Just don’t roll them too far up.

2. Don’t wear huge accessories. This goes for watches, sunglasses and bags. If you wear a heavy, chunky watch, for example, it will just draw attention towards your slim wrists. Instead, go for accessories that are proportionate to your figure.

3. Wear multiple layer. You want to be careful with this one because of the warm climate, but extra fabric will give you the illusion of having a bigger figure. You can wear blazers or, on a regular day, a t-shirt underneath and a shirt on top. You may or may not button the shirt. Make sure though to avoid a colour riot.

4. Stock up on heavy sweaters. Bulky sweaters can be your worst nightmare as they can make you appear bigger than you are, but this can be a great trick for a thin guy. Again, you want to look out for the weather for this one. It’s fine to wear them when temperatures are below 25° but above that you’re going to have a pretty uncomfortable day.

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5. Get your trousers altered. Though your trousers might fit around the waist and in the thigh, what about in the calves? That is usually the area guys neglect, but a quick trip to the tailor and a little tapering can fix the problem.

6. Buy clothes that fit. It might be tempting to buy clothes that are a bit loose in order to hide your shape. But in reality, if you’re swimming in your clothes, it makes you look thinner than you actually are

7. Just say no to vertical stripes. They are used as a trick to make people look thinner, something you don’t need to do.

8. White is your friend. Only very few people know that lighter colours make you look less slim, while darker colours accentuate your small mass. It’s for the same reason that a room with dark colours will look smaller and tighter, whereas the same room with lighter colours would look wider, airier and more spacious.


Credit: Huffington Post

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