Constantly questioning oneself has grown to become a major problem among people today. It often starts small, coming as little thoughts of “can I do it?” Later on, it grows into a giant that leaves you crippled and unable to make decisions. This, among others, is why you must learn to overcome self-doubt. Today, we’ll be getting around to a couple of ways that you can actually overcome this cantankerous problem.

How can you Overcome Self-doubt

Depending on how far gone you are, there are a few ways you can deal with that nagging feeling of “can I do it?” They are:

1. Reaffirm

It might sound like another one of those fake motivational quotes. “Who still looks in the mirror these days to tell themselves they are this or that, anyway?”

You can’t be blamed for thinking in this direction. However, I’d still strongly advise that the next time you feel a certain creeping feeling of self-doubt, remind yourself that you can do it. Tell yourself all the other times you conquered your worst problems. It’ll go a long way in helping you overcome self-doubt.

2. Understand that it’s not just you

Sometimes, we tend to think that we’re the only ones going through something. The sad implication of this is that you might get into your head and aggravate the problem. So, remember that you are not alone. There are tons of other people across the world who are fighting this same battle and you aren’t a lesser person than anyone for going through this.

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3. Set clear goals and act regardless

In all honesty, we can go back and forth about how you should do this or that. However, these negative emotions can be quite stubborn sometimes. Far too often, the only way to deal with it is by just doing it. Next time you see that beautiful girl you want to make friends with, even if you’re terrified, simply walk up to her and talk. While talking to a girl is just one example out of many, you should still act in spite of your fears.

4. Don’t be scared of failure

Even with all these, the chances are that you’ll still encounter one of the biggest humblers of all – failure. Don’t be scared of it. In fact, expect it to happen but work against it. Remember, even if you do fail, it’s a normal part of life. You can always bounce back.

What happens if you don’t overcome self-doubt?

If you choose to continue living in doubt, entertaining your fears and doing nothing, it’ll affect virtually all parts of your life. You’d be unable to make new friends because you’re too scared to talk to people. When next your boss asks you why you deserve a promotion, you might not be able to say anything because you feel you don’t deserve anything. On and on it’ll go until most, if not all, of your life comes to a complete halt.


Self-doubt is a nasty worm that eats you nonstop until it has taken as much as possible. If you don’t stop it, it would continue boring its destructive hole into you until you’re nothing short of a shadow of the vibrant young person you once were. Deal with it today!

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