Workplace romance is a phenomenon that is particularly common in many corporate organizations and agencies. So many people frown at it and talk about how it can hinder your work and whatnot. However, in reality, it is really something you cannot control.

How so? Human emotions are largely unpredictable. Even if you decide that you don’t want to relate with anyone outside of business, you will have one or two conversations with someone. When that comes up, you might begin to develop an interest in the person.

However, how do you handle workplace romance so that it doesn’t cause any problems for your productivity?

  1. Ensure that you actually like the person

You might not want to admit it. However, the truth is that what you think is workplace romance might just be a bond over a tedious project you’re both working on. Especially if you get along, you’re likely to become closer friends when working on something with someone over long periods of time. So, before you let things go any further, ascertain that you truly like her.

  1. Make sure you are in line with the company’s policies

You are a grown man. The last thing you should be doing is hiding your relationship from the rest of your co-workers because it might get you in trouble. So, before you go ahead with the relationship, ensure that you’re following the company’s policies. Some companies are very strict about workplace romance, and others are more positively disposed towards it.

  1. Remain professional always

Just because she’s your woman doesn’t mean that you should let her affect your productivity at work. Ensure that you maintain a proper work ethic, and you always put the best amount of effort into all your projects. If you do otherwise, the chances are that you might be looking for trouble with your superiors.

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  1. Don’t display your physical affection within the office

Treat your woman in the office in the same way you will treat any co-worker. Even if she is your wife, you shouldn’t be kissing or touching each other as you normally would within the confines of your private space. This one goes without saying, but we should emphasize that you definitely should not engage in sexual relations with her at the office, regardless of how you feel. It’s a place of business, not a place of romance. Treat it as such.

Having said all that, you should know that it’s not only your office lover you should be professional with. We wrote an article about how to maintain proper conduct around women in the office. You should definitely check it out here.

  1. Plan ahead

If you are engaged in workplace romance, talk to her about the possibility of a breakup and how you will handle it. Indeed, it is incredibly unromantic that you’re already thinking of a breakup. However, unless you want to lose your job right after losing your significant other, discuss how you both will handle a breakup if it arises. No matter how understanding your boss is, they probably wouldn’t take too kindly to you sobbing all day instead of working because your woman left you.