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A Season of Restorations [Part 1]

1. A Year of Restorations

I had asked God what 2018 would be and how He would name the year for us.  What I heard was, “Restoration,” and my understanding was that it would be a year in which there would be a restoration of the things that the enemy took from us.  A thief caught, according to the law of God, should restore seven-folds (Proverbs 6:30-31).  That’s what we shall demand when the time comes, not just as individuals but especially as a nation – Nigeria.

2. The Spirit of Provocation

A few days before Christmas, I had been troubled by a revelation of the ‘Christmas package’ of crises that the enemy was plotting.   On the eve of Christmas, therefore, we urgently sent out the following short prayer call:

Beloved, tonight, Dec 24, 2017, take a moment to pray against the “spirit of provocation” in Nigeria; that is, the Enemy deliberately attacking the defenceless so as to provoke reprisals that will be taken as theexcuse for a bigger attack long planned. May God destroy their counsel, frustrate their swords, break every evil hand, & save Nigeria. Amen.

It was still Christmas when the reports began to come in, of jihadist and Fulani expansionist genocidal attacks on Christians and Christian communities, first in Bwari in the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja, then gruesomely in different communities of Benue State, in Adamawa State, in Ilorin – Kwara State, etc.  To those who were worried that those events still occurred after the prayer alert, I only said that it could have been worse.

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The Enemy has long prepared for a particular war – arms, trainings, cash, surveillances, strategic placements, etc. – and has been seeking a means to provoke it, especially by attacking and occupying communities whose reprisal would be taken for an excuse to escalate the war.  Unfortunately, God has not given the Enemy that opportunity in the past five or more years, but especially in the past two and a half years. An escalated reprisal would have been given the name of ‘insurgence,’ against which theinternational coalition of Ishmaelitish ‘sympathisers’ would have been invited, thus prosecuting a covert jihad using the very instruments of state now in the hands of the same jihadists in apparent lawful government positions. (Remember Operation Python Dance II etc.)  It is a war for which We are not prepared physically as They long have.  In the circumstances, only God remains our Defence, and prayer our strength while not minimizing the practical inevitabilities of watchful self-defence, by mouth and by hand.

I got a recent call from Adamawa State: a community had been attacked by the Fulani terrorists; theyouths had managed to repel them.  On the excuse that a soldier had been killed, the army came thereafter and burnt down houses, killed and arrested some youths, and scattered the people.  They came back another day to take away the local chief’s wife and children when they didn’t meet the chief himself.  The reporter was worried why the self-defending youths of the community had to be disarmed while the attacking Fulani terrorists were left untouched. The Brigade Commander in question is said to be a Fulani too, which often also means, ‘Muslim.’  The victims were largely Christians. Unfortunately, thenews that that army will make available to the press, or which the compromised press will carry in other parts of the country, would be that some ‘terrorists’ have been killed and ‘Boko Haram’ settlements have been bombed and burnt.

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3. Satan’s Desperate Last Struggle

While we mourn the gruesome killings and most horrible destructions, however, God is turning things around.  The blood of the many slain is starting to speak the change that the land is about to see.  It shall end well for Nigeria despite the lingering pains.  Our “redemption draweth nigh” (Luke 21:28), which is why the Enemy has been most desperately fierce – fighting a battle of survival, his last battle for the soul of Nigeria.

To be continued

The Preacher,

January 24, 2018.


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