Before you begin learning the process of optimizing your LinkedIn profile, you should understand a few things. Among the myriads of social networks currently taking the internet by storm, few of them have the unique and outstanding features that LinkedIn possesses.

LinkedIn, as an online platform, serves as a safe-haven of sorts for professionals. Through the platform, people across different industries and geographical locations can connect to discuss ideas, share opinions on professional matters, and even explore employment opportunities. As such, making the most of this social network is not a debatable topic.

How do you go about optimizing your LinkedIn profile?

By its very nature, LinkedIn doesn’t particularly favour a haphazard way of doing things. On LinkedIn, if you must be noticed to tap into all the goodies it has to offer your career, you need to do a few things. They are:

  1. Get a Professional Picture Taken

If you must use LinkedIn, invest in a professional picture. Ensure that it shows your face clearly, and you aren’t frowning. That you should be well-dressed and presentable in the picture goes without saying. What this does for you is that it shows anyone who comes across your profile that physically you are neat, organized, and approachable. Above all, however, it shows you aren’t one of the numerous internet scammers hiding behind anonymity to do their bidding.

  1. Rewrite your Headline

Your LinkedIn headline is that 111-character field that describes what you’re known for in much shorter terms than your bio. By default, LinkedIn is programmed to use your current job position. However, that might not necessarily be the best for you. As such, you need to rewrite the headline. When doing so, ensure you include relevant keywords and put in all that is necessary to identify you in the pool of professionals. A great example is something like:

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“Certified Digital Marketing Consultant | Visual Content Creator | Web Developer”

  1. Write your Summary Professionally and Creatively

As we mentioned earlier, LinkedIn is a platform for professionals to connect. Your summary is a combination of paragraphs that succinctly describe you. It is what propels your reader(s) to want to connect with you and/or employ you. So, pay special attention to this area.

Put in your best strengths here and ensure your points are concise, crisp, and accurate. You should be able to put across all your thoughts in about three to five paragraphs. Remember to project confidence, even in writing. Spelling and grammar are equally important, regardless of your industry. To be completely sure, write, edit, and rewrite as much as possible.

  1. Construct your Experience Section Properly

The “Experience and Past Roles” segment is one of the most important parts of your profile. It shows everyone what you’ve done, what you’re worth, and what you have to offer. Spare no mental effort in constructing this segment.

Include all your best job experiences and take it as seriously as you would your resume. In the description area here, include specific numbers. For example, “Increased conversion rate by 15% in six months.” This helps to paint a clear picture of your achievement instead of vagueness, which could be a turnoff.

  1. Customize your URL

Your URL is the unique link that LinkedIn assigns to you. With it, you can promote your profile. It is particularly useful if you want to show a potential employer your virtual professional presence. However, the regular LinkedIn URL is long and bulky. As such, you should change it to make it easier for people to identify you.

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To do this on the app, simply head over to your profile and click the settings icon. Once there, click on the edit button. Swipe to the Privacy section and click on “edit your public profile.” There, you’ll find a field to “edit your custom URL.” It’s largely up to you, but we’d advise that your URL should be your name. It could look like,

In Conclusion

Considering how fast the world is moving, it’s imperative that you move along with it. A great way to do so is by optimizing your LinkedIn profile. With our five tips, you’re five steps closer to mastering your LinkedIn game.