Allergies could be regarded as reactions, sensitivities, dislikes, etc, which make an individual uncomfortable after being exposed to an irritation or stimulus. Such irritation or stimulus include but not limited to any of these: dust, drug, smoke, food substances, strong smell, cold and insect bite, amongst a list of others.

Sometimes, we feel unsettled by the smell prevalent in an environment, be it a room, office, etc, and depending on individual adaptability, it could lead to acute effects, like vomiting, coughing, sneezing, restlessness and spitting.

Have you ever developed itching after sleeping on beddings or something similar? Then, what you are experiencing in such case is an allergic reaction. Your body is giving off responses suggesting quick action, one which supposes you move away, check the bed surface for any irritant like dust, bad odour or other substances causing the irritation.

Sometimes, patients show signs of irritation when injected with drugs. When such is noticed, it is important the attention of a medic is drawn to it. This is to prevent further administration of possible drug causing the irritation. The discretion of a medical doctor could suggest the application of a stabilizing drug.

Take note of these in allergic conditions:

Allergies are natural. The most significant thing to do when you notice them is to check the possible causes. There and then, you may not be caught unawares. Besides, it helps one prevent further occurrence in a situation where it has been established that a particular food or thing could lead to allergies or irritation, you can avoid them promptly.

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Allergies are not infectious, so you need not worry over being contaminated by someone who is faced with it.

Allergies are warning signs that something is not compatible with your body system, when you feel irritated or discomforted after you are exposed to them.

It also implies you need protection from subsequent exposure.

Most reactions are induced by the environment, medicine, food, drink, so be wary of where you go or stay, drugs, food and drink you consume.

Whatever you make of allergies, do not always make yourself a victim in situations that could warrant irritations or reactions, capable of denying you comfort.

Do not experiment with food or drink you are not comfortable with. Same applies to places, clothing, animals, etc.

Above all, let good hygiene play a central role in avoiding allergies. Whether we talk about insect-infested surrounding, dust, smoke, stuffy environment, dirt, etc, they could be checked by proper cleanliness at all times.