An Easy Guide to Dealing with Toxic Positivity

Isn’t happiness a good thing? How is it possible to be too happy? What’s wrong with trying to make yourself happy and shut out negative emotions that just ruin your day? Before reading the processes involved in dealing with toxic positivity or the topic before it, you probably have all these questions in mind.

Well, to do a quick recap, we already spoke about the meaning of toxic positivity and the signs it often comes along with. We told you that a person who has refused to deal with toxic positivity often shoves their negative emotions to the side and never deals with them and that the signs often come in the form of hiring your true emotions.

Today, just as we promised, we’ll be looking at the steps involved in dealing with toxic positivity.

  1. Resist the urge to ignore your emotions

The next time you see something that upsets you or makes you incredibly sad, your next line of action shouldn’t be to just ignore the emotion you feel. Instead, allow yourself to feel those emotions. Yes, it’s okay to be unhappy every now and then. Some might even say that the only person who’s never sad is a lunatic. So, allow yourself to feel what you feel. It’s fine.

  1. Listen to other people’s emotions

We pointed out before that your toxic positivity can affect others too when you start shaming them for expressing their emotions. Well, you should do better. Emotions are an essential part of who we are, even if they’re sometimes negative. So, instead of shaming or ignoring people’s emotions, simply listen and empathize.

  1. Understand that being sad about something doesn’t necessarily make you a negative person

Just because you lost your job and you feel bad about it doesn’t mean you’re a pessimistic downer. You can be sad about losing your job and happy that you’ll eventually get a new one at the same time. So, technically, you’re still the positive ray of sunshine you want to be.

  1. Recognize and avoid toxic positivity messages

These are the messages that tell you to be happy no matter what. You need to be realistic with yourself and understand that it’s not possible to always be happy. Sometimes, bad things will happen and make you sad. It’s only normal. So, ignore messages that tell you otherwise.

What if you don’t start dealing with toxic positivity?

If like your emotions, you’re shoving this article aside and you’re not dealing with your toxic positivity, you’ll be leading an unhealthy lifestyle. It simply means that you’re repressing your emotions and any emotion repressed will eventually come back bigger and worse than the first time it appeared. 

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