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Anger Management: Five Tips to Help You Control Your Anger

Anger management can be defined as a series of activities that you engage in so that you can learn to tame those wild emotions that often cause you to do things that are particularly unsavoury. Usually, anger management is recommended for people who have a significant amount of difficulty keeping their anger in check.

If you are one of those people, you might need a few tips in that direction, too, because choosing to ignore it will do you more harm than good. That’s why we’ve compiled five expert tips to help you control your anger. Sit back, relax, and have a good read:

  1. Think before you say something

When you’re angry, the chances are that you can’t exactly control what comes out of your mouth. On another side of the spectrum, it could be that the more you talk, the more irritated and angry you become. Especially for the latter, you must think about what you say before you say it. If your anger is the explosive kind, it is better to channel your efforts into not talking at all. But, if it is the kind that builds up over time, you should definitely weigh your words properly before you say them.

  1. Express your dissatisfaction when you’re calm

Now, after successfully keeping your spicy words to yourself, you might be interested to know that you cannot just let things go like that. Doing so will amount to repression and if you didn’t have explosive anger before, just try repressing your emotions. To prevent this from happening again, consider taking the preemptive step of expressing your dissatisfaction when you’ve become calm. It will help you iron out the issue so that it doesn’t come back to piss you off again later in future.

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  1. Use humour 

It can be pretty hard to come up with a joke when your entire body is teeming with brash words just waiting to come out of your mouth. But, if you can, try to use humour to reduce the tension before everyone draws out their swords. It will go a long way in preventing things from going to hell completely. Just remember that you shouldn’t be condescending in your attempt to be funny. It could end up doing more harm than good.

  1. Challenge the way you think

Much of the reason you keep getting triggered is that you consider certain things offensive. Now, ask yourself, are these things worth getting angry over? Every time you get angry, what problem does it solve? Does it make things better, or do you just come off as an emotionally unintelligent fellow? If your thinking cannot stand the test of logic, isn’t it time to let go? 

  1. Practice breathing exercises when you’re getting triggered

For something we cannot see, air actually does a great job of helping us to put our emotions in check. It might seem ridiculous, but the next time you’re faced with a triggering situation, instead of getting mad about it, simply work on your breathing. You can start with something simple like taking deep breaths through your nose and expelling it through your mouth. For starters, it will send a signal to the other person to back off because you’re clearly angry. On the other hand, it will help you calm down.


Anger is an incredibly destructive emotion. But, despite its destructive nature, you absolutely cannot afford to keep it bottled up inside of you. How do you handle it? By taking care to properly understand the intricacies of anger management. You can begin with the five tips we’ve shared with you.

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