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Are You Leaving Out Your Wristwatch?

Most men find it difficult to invest in wristwatches. This is because they believe wristwatch is something they can do without as it is not much of a necessity in their dressing. However, as insignificant as they seem, wristwatches play an important role. They relay information about time and other relevant information to us, depending on how they are designed.

The relevance of wristwatches is becoming more obvious as they perform other useful functions that relate to the wellbeing of an individual. There are wristwatches designed to give specific details concerning the health of an individual while some are designed to give coordinates to people seeking direction in a strange geographical location.

A more recent innovation is the advent of smart wristwatches that can be used to do all forms of online and offline work. They can be used to access mails and carry out many online activities. To this end, many people put on wristwatches for different reasons. However, one major reason is that wristwatches should be part of our everyday dressing.

There are different types of wristwatches and their designs determine how expensive they can be. These include the analogue wristwatch which operates on mechanical designs. It is the oldest kind of wristwatch. You can get more information about specific analogue wristwatches by checking out brochures from the most well-known watch manufacturers like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Panerai and Longines to determine the specific mechanism that governs the watch’s operation.

The second type is the digital wristwatch. These are electronic devices that often display information in digital format. These watches are also able to store information. The most complex of them are used in sports to track workouts, store information, prescribe the appropriate training routines, and perform other calculations that can benefit the user.

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And finally is the quartz wristwatch. The quartz watch is powered by quartz crystals which oscillate at a specific frequency. This is the basis of the accuracy and consistency of the watch. The different types of wristwatches are made to match different forms of dress patterns. Here are three tips about wristwatches and dressing:

1. Wear them to match your dress pattern

Different dress patterns require different wristwatches. There are informal, semi-formal and formal patterns of dressing and they demand different type of wristwatches. Most formal dress patterns require the analogue type of wristwatch. They give a formal and professional appearance. Digital wristwatch is more compatible with informal dress patterns. While semiformal dress patterns command the semi-final type of wristwatches.

2. Check the colours

When you want to make a choice of a wristwatch to wear, you should check the colours. For instance, if you are to wear a black pair of trousers and shoes, you should also wear a black wristwatch. In fact, black wristwatch is a must-have for every man because men often put on black trousers. It is a faux pas when a man puts on a pink wristwatch when wearing black trousers and shoes. The colours of every component of your dressing should be in harmony.

3. Wear it as a matter of responsibility

Putting on wristwatches should be an action that you perform consciously to make your dressing complete. Apart from the fact that it relays time to you, it makes you self-reliant when you need to know the time. It is undesirable to ask of time from someone else when you can have your wristwatch on you.

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It is important that you pay attention to your dressing as a significant part of your daily routine. And that includes wearing the right kind of wristwatch with the right kind of outfit. In the words of Paloma Faith, an American actress, “Dressing is like therapy; I feel better in myself when I have made an effort.”


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