As a married couple, sex is just as important as anything else you can think of. It is during those minutes, or hours as the case may be, that you both get to connect on a level that is so intimate, it’s nothing short of ecstatic. Among other things, it helps to boost the relationship you have with each other, and it relieves you of any pent up stress. Above all these, it comes with several health benefits. However, you might be sabotaging your sex life without even knowing it.

After reading the phrase, “sabotaging your sex life,” you probably raised your eyebrows in scepticism. After all, are bedroom matters more complicated than what you’re already doing? How can you possibly be sabotaging your sex life? Let’s find out:

  1. You don’t communicate

This might be awkward for other people. However, because you’re both married to each other, you shouldn’t shy away from communication while having sex. If you merely go through sex in a series of thrusts and grunts without waiting to see if you’re both enjoying it, you’re sabotaging your sex life. In fact, the chances are that she’s not even getting any satisfaction. If we’re being honest, you probably aren’t either.

  1. You have unrealistic expectations

Let us assume that there is no grey area in watching pornography. If you’ve been watching adult movies, you’ve probably seen a truckload of scenes where the actors are simply too good to stop looking at. The chances are that you’ve even imagined your wife doing the same things to you that the lady in the film is doing.

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Well, this is an unrealistic expectation because most sex scenes you see in pornographic films are pretty fake. If you start expecting your wife to copy them, you’re sabotaging your sex life.

  1. You’re having sex just for the sake of it

Without a doubt, sex is enjoyable. But, beyond being enjoyable, it is also a way for both of you to connect and to share physical and mental energies in the most intimate way possible. If you just see your partner as a tool to get an orgasm, you’re definitely sabotaging your sex life.

  1. You’re making no new efforts

Much like any other activity, sex can get boring if you continue doing the same thing over and over again. It’s only normal. If all you do is have sex the same way, with the same positions, for the same amount of time, in the same setting, you know what that means sir. You’re leading your sex life straight into a ditch.