A model is an example worthy of emulation.More often than not, we have heard children use this common language “this is what my father does”, and this what my “father says”. The first influence of any child are the parents. I really want to talk to the male folks as the head of the family. There are so many behaviours we see in children today that we consider as immoral or bad. Some of these things are behaviours copied from home, which later become public deficiencies. A father must realise that he plays a pivotal role in shaping who his children become as adults.


There are few tips on what a father can do to help shape the destiny of his children.

  • A father must be full of kind words

A father must be full of kind words to encourage his children whenever they have done something meritoriously. This attribute of fatherhood, when displayed, produces a kind of energy in children which enables them to strive to be the best in all their undertakings. A father must be able to encourage the children to do more.

  • A father must also be disciplined

A good father who corrects and disciplines his children must be worthy of emulation. It takes a disciplined father to raise disciplined children. A father must be disciplined if he demands the same of his children.

  • The father must also be able to take responsibility

 A father must be able to take responsibility for his children and his family. A father must be the best model for their male children.

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