Choosing a baby sitter is a huge step to take. Not only is it scary to trust your child to a total stranger, but you also worry about details such as their hygiene, work ethics, health status, language use, morality, and other factors which are important to you. No doubt, you will worry when it is time to choose a baby sitter. However, there are steps you can follow before deciding on who to babysit your children and we will examine some:

  1. Choose from a recognized Agency: You might not be familiar with one, but some agencies help search for trustworthy babysitters that you might be able to trust with your children. And since these agencies take responsibility for any failure, they tend to do their due diligence when searching for one. Look for a responsible, recognized agency with a history of success and contact them.
  2. Do your own Background check: It is not enough to trust an agency; you should do your due diligence. If you can, visit her home (this will give you a clue on their hygiene) and see how she behaves around the family.
  3. Test run: Do a test run with you in the home (or with a nanny cam) and see how she generally behaves around children before giving her the full job. Watch her hygiene and how much she pays attention to the children.
  4. Get recommendations from past employers: One of the questions you should be asking the new baby sitter is information on her past employers. It is important to get this information and contact past employers to know how competent this new baby sitter is.
  5. Medical Tests: The last thing you want is your children contracting any form of disease or ailments from their babysitter so it is very pertinent that you do a full medical test to ascertain that your baby sitter is healthy.
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These steps are really important for the safety of your children and your home. Do not overlook them so you can have good babysitting experiences.


Samuel Ejedegba