5 Conditions leaders should allow their followers to lead

A leader should give room for his followers to grow.

Most leaders find it hard to accept.

In situations where you are supposed to delegate; if you attempt to lead, it could frustrate your followers.

This can affect the growth of your followers. And you may not have a capable replacement, at your detriment.

Leaders often struggle with the fact they are not needed in every situation.

The leader who has this understanding will lead with knowledge.

This knowledge will help you to understand when to lead and when to stay away.

Leaders should let their followers lead when:

They develop capacity

When people develop expertise to handle certain tasks, create opportunities for them to practise what they’ve learnt.

If you don’t create such opportunities, they may get irritated. You may become over-burdened too. When you’re sure they have learnt enough to lead, you can create roles for them to lead.

They are self-driven

Some people are  self-driven in what they do as a result of passion.

However, if a leader doesn’t observe this, he may want to put regiment processes in place to ensure they deliver on tasks.

This kills the self-driven nature in people.

You should know when the people you’re leading are motivated themselves. You don’t need regiment processes to control them.

The task is predictable

Predictable tasks can sometimes be simple tasks.

For instance, when the tasks are structured routines and easy to understand; allow people take the initiative.

Your followers may feel belittled when you stress them over a task they can handle without your help.

Once you’ve explained what they should do, you’re expected to allow them do the job.

The task is satisfying

Some tasks give internal satisfaction when people do them.

Such tasks are interesting and enjoyable when engaged on. If the leader interferes at such times, he must show up with the right motive. If not, his followers may not be happy with his presence.

They may assume he wants to hijack the task for his own self satisfaction

There is a cohesive team

When a team is focused at completing a project and they are getting the required result, they should be given more opportunity.

You should let the team lead.

The team should be encouraged to do more since they get the required results.

The result should be the focus – leaders are also developed in such situation.

There’s a formal process

In an organisation where every process is formal; a leader should give room for organic growth based on the structure on ground.

This will create an atmosphere for emerging leaders.


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