This article is a continuation of our previous post on budget busters. We highlighted problem areas in budgeting including housing, food, automobiles, debts and insurance. Below is a list of five other budget busters and how you can deal with them.


While recreation and entertainment are vital, they should be put in the proper perspective. Do not use borrowed money for entertainment. The normal tendency is to escape problems, even if only for a short while – even if the problems later become more acute. Everyone, whether in debt or not, should seek to reduce entertainment expenses. This can usually be done without sacrificing quality family time, but having a 7% cap. Ensure that this is not exceeded, even during summer or religious pilgrimage. Planning for vacations during off-season is a good way to pull this off.


Many are forced into debt, while stocking their wardrobe. Yes, you are addressed the way you dress but with prudent planning and buying, your family could be clothed neatly without great expense. Also, do not fall into the snare many families find themselves, with closets full of clothes they no longer wear because they are “out of style”. Irrespective of your fashion taste, limit your spending on clothing to no more than 5% of your net income.

Medical/Dental expenses

You must plan ahead for these expenses in your budget and set aside funds regularly; failure to do so will wreck your plans and lead to indebtedness. Health insurance comes in here. Do not sacrifice family health trying to save cost, but at the same time, do not use doctors excessively. As they say prevention is better and cheaper than cure.

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Make more use of your doctor/dentist for preventive information supply, and not just visits for treatments.

Take proper care of your body through diet, rest, and exercise and it will function maximally. This is not to say that all illnesses or problems are caused by neglect, but a great number are.

In the case of prescriptions, shop around. You will be amazed to discover the wide variance in prices from one store to the next. In all, work to keep your medical/dental expenses no more than 5%.