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Art is not predictable. Art is not golf, as great as that may be. There are 360 degrees of choice to make. Tina Weymouth

Does that ring a bell, 360 degrees of choice to make? It should.

Well, in our everyday life, we make a variety of choices, from light ones to serious ones. You decide what to wear, what to eat for breakfast, what colour to choose, what route to take, what amount to spend, who to call, when to rest, who to chat with, what to do, and so on.


The list above appears trivial, right?

Market your books


This also serves to show that we are the products of the decisions we make. Agree?


Yeah. They are. But sometimes we make very important decisions that can make or mar us. Decisions like who to befriend, what to invest in or when to invest, who to marry, when to marry, when to give birth, and the number of kids to give birth to, who to confide in, what course to offer in the university, what career path to tread, the list is endless.


From the few things listed above, it becomes clearer that we make several decisions daily, and in our lifetime. This also serves to show that we are the products of the decisions we made.

So, since our decisions make or mar us, why then should we rush into making them? Need we be hasty?  No, we needn’t.

  • Then You Need to Go the 360 Degrees

In my first article on the strategies for making the right decisions, I mentioned that you must take an aerial approach when making a decision; this is what going 360 is all about—thinking through all the sides and angles to a decision.

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So, now the question is, how do I apply the 360 analogy to my decision-making process? I have a couple of tips for you…


  • Six steps for Going the 360 °


  1. Compare and Contrast: Okay, you are like, “If I do this, this is the consequence. If I do that that is the consequence” Which one sounds weightier? Which one appears to have more prospects? Which is likely to work out well?

Comparing probabilities can be very helpful, especially when they rest on more reliable scaffolding like a report, a recent study, trend, analysis, etc.


  1. Check for Trends: So, I just mentioned this point in the previous one, it should tell you how important data can be to the decision-making process. Research to find out current market trends: Declines? Increases? Unsteadiness? Uncertainty? Knowing the current state of things can save a huge waste of resources, efforts and even a life.
  2. Fish out Loopholes: So, when you are circling in the 360 whirlwind of your thoughts, don’t get carried away. Don’t go with the winds. Look out for the loopholes in the series of decisions you are about to make.
  3. Confide in Trusted Person: No man is an island on its own, goes the cliché. However, its substamce is still true in our society today. When you’ve compared and contrasted, checked for trend, tried to fish out loop holes, and all still appear foggy, confide in someone you trust. To quote another clichéd saying, two heads are better than one, after all. You can trust that when two people come together to consider a thought, an idea, more revelations will definitely come.
  4. Pray: Who says prayer doesn’t work? It does. Committing our decisions and actions into the hands of the One greater than any is a brave step to take. It shows we accept our helplessness. And be rest assured he’ll come to your rescue.
  5. Take that Step: After all the steps mentioned above, all you need to do is to brace up and take that step, go for the decision, make that abstraction a reality, take a step further. You know why? Being afraid to take a decision is a matter of decision. And not taking a decision is another decision itself. So, take that step!
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