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Different Ways to Knot a Tie

Have you ever put on your shirt while getting ready for an event, then you realized that your already knotted tie is loosened? Or you just bought a new tie for the event and there you are, YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO MAKE A KNOT FOR YOUR TIE! Probably, the last one was done by your friend or the guy you bought the tie from. Alas! The two of them are not around to save you this time.

Well, 70% of us do not know how to knot a tie. And now, out of the remaining 30% only 10% can knot proper and different types of Knots. Even yours truly has only known one style for years before he bumped into this site: recently to learn another one, which I still forget once in a while.

I can assure you that once you can get yourself accustomed to a variety of styles, your confidence will grow and then you can use different styles to make you look unique at your events. In order to help us learn, lets see how to knot a Kelvin Knot from the diagram below:

 ·         1. Start with the backside of the tie facing away from you, the wide end is on the right and the small end is on the left. The tip of the small end should rest slightly above your belly-button (this will vary depending on your height and the length & thickness of your tie). Move only the active (wide) end.

·         2. Wide end under the small end to the left.

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·         3. Across the small end to the right.

·         4. Under the small end to the left.

·         5. Across the small end to the right.

·         6. Up into the neck loop from underneath.

·         7. Down through the loop you’ve just made in the front.

·         8. Pull down on the wide end to tighten. Slide the knot up to adjust.

So with this easy to do steps in the picture, I am sure we all will be an expert soon. And like I did, why not go to that website above and get yourself used to different style. Make yourself stand out and unique at that event. Do not wait for your friend or anyone  else to  help. Get on with it folks.

by Tolumilade Sogbesan

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