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Different Ways to Treat Dark Circles Under Your Eyes at Home

Dark circles around the eyes are actually quite common in men and women. They usually indicate that something is wrong, and they make you look older and more stressed than you probably are. More often than not, they indicate that you’ve not been getting enough rest.

While they look particularly distasteful, they usually don’t have any need for medical attention. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should ignore them completely as they have a certain effect on your appearance. So, how exactly do you get rid of dark circles? We’ll show you.

  1. Use a cold compress

A cold compress is a makeshift relief material that’s made of ice. Usually, people wrap ice cubes or ice blocks in light or heavy swaths of cloth. Then, they apply it to the parts that require ice. It doesn’t solve your problem instantly as you have to use it a couple of times. But, it’s been observed by people that a cold compress can help to reduce the swelling under your eyes and soothe the blood vessels causing the dark circles.

  1. Use tea bags

Virtually every brand of tea contains caffeine and antioxidants. These can help to stimulate blood circulation while preventing the accumulation of a lot of liquid under your eyes. To use tea bags, you should soak two bags of tea in hot water first. Afterwards, put them in the fridge to cool for a few minutes. Then, take them out and place them on your eyes.

  1. Elevate your head

This could also be a viable solution as it prevents your head from dropping down to a position where liquids can pool under your eyes. To get this done, you can easily use one more pillow. It doesn’t affect you much. Just ensure that you’re comfortable when you do it, and you don’t end up straining your neck muscles.

  1. Get some more sleep.

Usually, dark circles are caused by a lack of sufficient sleep. With that being the case, it’s only logical for you to get some more sleep if you want to defeat the problem. 

  1. Use makeup 

We know that you’re probably not used to this, but you might need it. Especially when you need to look good for a work interview, or something of that sort, you need to hide your dark circles and a great way to do this. If you’re not very familiar with it, you can ask your friend who knows how to go about it to help you. If, however, you want to experiment by yourself a little bit, you can start out here where you’re very likely to find just the right products for you.

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