If you are looking to find a book that will serve as a window into the mind of God, revealing the purpose and calling of the male human, then The Dignity of Manhood by Gbile Akanni, fondly called Bro Gbile, is a great place to start.

Right from the foreword, Mr Akanni attempts to help the reader see the delineation that exists between the male and female nature. While raising critical issues of manhood in God’s purpose, which include fatherhood and being a real husband, the author also shares deep insight on the issue of men taking their place in the divine design of God. Bro Gbile, adds that only when men are properly positioned in God, and not being rebels, can they bear and extend God’s full image and glory, and represent Him in the authority that He devolves. Part of this positioning, he explains, is in eschewing whatever makes the man cover his head in shame, and in fact his whole self in internal self-defeat like Adam after the fall. These are essentially sins, lack of love and attention for family, wrath, ignorance, selfishness and other shameful habits.

The Dignity of Manhood reveals that in the in the organogram of God, (His flow chart of divine authority), a man occupies the place of authority when it comes to prayers, and ratification of his wife’s or daughter’s vows and prophecies, citing that any woman’s prayers, vows and prophecies must carry the signature of her husband or father to receive answers or have any substance with God (1 Timothy 2:8-9, Numbers 30:1-8), and therefore God is always holding the man responsible for everything that goes wrong with his wife or kids.

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The man, he says, is that bridge between God and all His earth to establish and achieve some definite things for Him. Bro Gbile says it is the responsibility of the man to help his woman set her identity and call her forth into her destiny. The man, however, can only achieve this by first repositioning himself, because the woman is the glory of the man and always made out of and for the man, and not the reverse, in God’s design. This means she should be the manifestation of the man’s fullness, grace and spirituality.

The book also teaches readers how to be a real husband by highlighting the functions of the husband to include being the head, and by implication, the inlet of everything that gains access to the senses of sight and hearing, the body, as well as the central nervous system that coordinates the whole body. Bro Gbile shows from the Scriptures that the husband has the responsibility to nourish his wife just as if she is a part of his own bones and flesh.

Expounding on how man should reflect God’s glory through fatherhood, the author explains the dimensions of fatherhood to include biological fatherhood, spiritual fatherhood and intellectual fatherhood. Biological fatherhood involves the man as an agent of procreation, and obliges him to provide, protect, sustain, transfer family inheritance, give the daughter in marriage and lead his family into God’s purpose. Spiritual fatherhood involves infusing his life and spirit in other members of the body of Christ. Intellectual fatherhood involves breaking new ground and birthing brainchildren. He adds that fatherhood will not be complete if a man is wanting in any of these three; whether towards his children, the church and society respectively.

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The Dignity of Manhood is a must-read for men who desire to be better men, mentors and mentees, as they learn what it really takes to be total and purposeful as a male man.