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7 Misconceptions about Dressing Sharp

Dressing sharp and crisp is a worthy act to emulate. In fact, it is believed that men who dress well have an understanding of their self worth. They recognise what they are made up of. This is in contrast to men on the other side, who believe that only those with strong financial power appear in good apparel. I beg to disagree with them because in my opinion, that is a myth which makes them to take wrong decisions in their dressing.

This myth and other misconceptions are often propagated during discussions where people share their views about different dress patterns or certain apparels. The good news is that these opinions are misconceptions which can be debunked. And to debunk them, we must first identify them.

Find some of these misconceptions below:

I must dress expensively to appear sharp

There is no doubt that there are expensive apparels. Apparels vary in quality, and the general belief is that how expensive they are determines their quality. But this is not always true. There are quality apparels that go for a fair price. And even at that, it doesn’t matter whether your apparels are expensive or not, what matters is how you use and combine them to bring out a sharp look when you put them on. You are at an advantage when you purchase quality apparels. But that does not put those who cannot afford them at a disadvantage. And if you insist on getting that expensive apparel you can get the materials and give it to your designer to make the same design. It is a wrong premise and a misconception to believe that one must dress expensively to look good.

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I must put on what is in vogue

The fashion designers are always coming out with new designs that are mind blowing. And because they are recent designs, they are quite expensive. It’s just like newly manufactured cars, they are expected to be expensive. Most men think that to appear sharp, you must always wear what is in vogue. This is not necessarily the truth. What is in vogue could sometimes make your dressing sharp, but it also depends on you.

Wearing same apparel with everyone

There are situations where people sew apparel in groups for different events and occasions. That’s alright as long as you are okay with such arrangement. However, when you are sure that such apparels will not look good on you, you should not be placed under compulsion to put them on. Once you accommodate the belief that you must wear such apparels because the society expects you to, it has become a misconception that should be unmasked.

One must do it as long as it is fashionable

Some men are of the view that they must put on certain shirts or apparels because they are fashionable. However, not all fashionable wears will make you appear sharp and crisp in your dressing. There is much more to dressing than looking fashionable.

One must have an expensive designer

Some men brag about how expensive their designers are. Having expensive designers might be an advantage, but it does not nullify the fact that other designers can do the same job at a fair price. If you can’t afford an expensive designer, you shouldn’t feel disadvantaged. All you need to do is get a designer that will do what you want for a fair amount. You should only make sure he adheres to your specifications.

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A designer must sketch your design

Engaging the services of a designer does not necessarily guarantee nice designs. Sometimes, the result could be otherwise. Nothing stops you from sketching your designs by yourself. You can use your creativity to sketch a design that appeals to you inasmuch as it appears sharp and crisp. You designer’s designs might be out of place, you can choose to change him and get someone else, or sketch your designs yourself. You should not have the misconception that a designer must always sketch your designs.

You must give your clothes to the laundry man

This is the opinion of so many. While the laundry man can help you do your laundry properly, you can also learn to do it the same way. All you need is information about how they go about it. And once you lay hold of the knowledge, people will think you sent your cloths to the laundry man.

I end with the words of Bryant H. Mc Gill that says, “Education should prepare our mind to use our own power of reason and conception rather than filling it with accumulated misconceptions of the past.”

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