The chances of maintaining an inner circle in leadership is very high, especially if that circle is result oriented. You might be tempted to remain at that point, not knowing what is out there for you. Too many people resist change, because change could be disruptive and challenging, so they choose to stay where they are. But they don’t know that to get outside their inner circle they need to actually start from their circle.

This is the reason I’ve imbibed the quote of Pope Francis that says “This is important: to get to know people, listen, expand the circles of idea. The world is crisscrossed by roads that come closer together and move apart, but the important thing is that they lead towards the good.” The good news in expanding beyond your inner circle in leadership is that it leads towards the good. This is one reason you should seek to make a move.

Any leader who doesn’t want to expand beyond his inner circle wants his vision to perish at a point. Leadership is not in isolation, But it is tied to different aspects of life. It could be in business, family and other social circle.

It is important to see the full picture as a leader. Think about what would happen if the number of people in your inner circle increases from eight to a hundred, or from ten to two hundred. It simply means your influence will be far reaching and you would be able to pass a legacy of leadership that will not just affect your immediate circle, but people who you probably don’t know are affected by your leadership. This is the reason today’s contemporary leaders will always refer to the likes of the one time American leader Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington and other notable leaders who expanded beyond their inner circle.

The normal question would be, how can I expand beyond my inner circle as a father, businessman, or in any sphere that I lead? Here are three nuggets that would help you do that:

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1. Start from your inner circle

 To get outside your comfort zone, you need to start with those in your comfort zone. You may want to expand your business as a business person. All you need do is to ask yourself these questions: what businesses are my closest friends in? Who do they know? How can I influence their decisions? The people within your reach of influence, what do they do? How can it benefit you and how can you help them expand? There are several questions you need to answer in your inner circle. When you are able to answer these questions, then you have taken the right step in progress. While for a father, your questions should be centred to those within your sphere of influence. And they should be: what do my children think of me? Have I influenced them enough for them to refer to my sayings. Are they reflecting my person? What do the people around me say of me? How do they see me? Can they refer me to someone else? The question continues.

You will be surprised the chain that will arise from the people within your circle to the destination you wish to be. Just as the saying goes you are just a person away from your breakthrough.

2. Create a lead

As a professional in what you do, you need to start letting people know about what you do, this is what it means to create a lead. You have to sing your own song. In as much as your followers will recommend you, because of your influence on them, you need to also do same. Today, people go out of their way to let people know about what they do. It is not out of place to do that, if your aim is to create a lead. It is in doing what you are called to that your influence spreads. And the news of your competence will help you create more leads to expand your circle.

3. Get Results

Your leadership has to be result oriented. Results is one sure way you can expand your circle. This is the reason Robin S. Sharma, a Canadian lawyer by profession, said “Leadership is not about a title or a designation, It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire teammates and customers.”

People could choose to argue about everything, but no one argues about results. Results present proven facts about what has been done in the past. Once your leadership is result oriented you are ready to go. I have seen fathers threaten to take their children to be disciplined by someone else. Then I ask myself why would they do such? It is simply because such person has proven results in the area of discipline. Thus his circle of influence has created a reputation of competence for him in the field of discipline.

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You will be amazed how soon your circle will expand to influence others positively. Then the effect of your leadership will be one people will reckon with.